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The Breakdown: Arkansas vs Ole Miss – October 23rd

Houston Nutt & Bobby Petrino

When Arkansas Runs

The running game has been considered the weak half of the Arkansas offense all season, but it needs to be noted that all but one team (Louisiana-Monroe) on the Hogs’ schedule thus far is ranked as a Top 20 rushing defense nationally. That kind of opposition makes it difficult to employ a dominant ground attack, but in the last two weeks, against the #2 and #15 rush defenses, the Hogs have averaged 3.7 and 4.9 yards per carry, respectively. Not bad at all given the competition.
The Rebels boast the 23rd ranked rush defense in the country and had a surprising amount of success against Alabama’s 37th ranked running attack last week, holding the combination of Ingram and Richardson to a paltry 2.9 yards per carry on 34 attempts. Remember though, that Ole Miss had an extra week to prepare for Alabama’s visit to Oxford – a luxury they won’t be afforded against the Razorbacks. If the Hogs can run the ball on Saturday for an average anywhere in between what they produced against better defenses in the past two weeks, that should be plenty good enough to keep the Rebels from selling out to defend the pass.
EDGE: Draw

When Arkansas Passes

Regardless of who starts at quarterback for the Hogs – and it looks like it will be Ryan Mallett ( – the passing game is…well, its basically unstoppable. Arkansas is the #2 passing team in the entire nation, behind only Hawaii, who throws the ball like 350 times a game. The Razorbacks have faced pass defenses ranked in the top 25% nationally (Alabama & Georgia) and defenses ranked in the bottom 25% (Texas A&M & Auburn). The results have all been pretty much the same. The only thing that stops Arkansas’ passing game is itself, and probably Tebow, somehow.
Ole Miss doesn’t even pretend to be a competent pass defense. Ranked 96th in the country, the Rebels have faced some decent passing attacks, but nothing nearly like Arkansas, and nobody ranked in the Top 25 for that matter. A healthy Arkansas QB, whoever it is, should have plenty of success getting the ball to every one of Greg Childs, Joe Adams, Jarius Wright, D.J. Williams, and Cobi Hamilton on Saturday.
EDGE: Arkansas

Ryan Mallett & Tyler Wilson

When Ole Miss Runs

As stated above Arkansas is statistically worse than 81 other teams when it comes to stopping the run – much worse (and rightfully so) than they were before the embarrassment that was Cam Newton and Auburn’s #6 rushing offense last week. While the Rebels won’t be trotting out anyone with half the skills of Newton on Saturday, after what we saw last week, the Razorback run defense is far from worthy of trust at the moment.
EDGE: Ole Miss

When Ole Miss Passes

Arkansas is, statistically, the best pass defense Ole Miss will have seen this season, ranked #12 in the country. And much as it seems like Arkansas hasn’t been that dominant, it’s not like they’ve just been facing below average offenses. In fact, four of Arkansas’ five opponents have passing attacks ranked in the Top half of teams nationally, with Texas A&M’s #10 ranked unit being the best of the bunch. I think this indicates that the Razorbacks’ ranking here is pretty legitimate.
EDGE: Arkansas


Well, regardless of records, the coaches, players, and most importantly the fans involved in this game want to win in the worst way. No need to further explain the history there, except to say that it probably runs both ways pretty equally. Luckily for Hog fans, the game is in Fayetteville, so they are the ones who will get to try to make a difference on gameday.
I’m not sure it’s completely fair to say, given such a small sample size, but if anyone has anyone’s number here, Nutt has Petrino’s after winning the head to head match-up in each of the two years since both coaches took their current posts in 2008. But as the 3rd Edition of WIlly Robinson vs. Gus Mahlzan showed last week, winning the first two doesn’t always mean much.

You also have to wonder how this Razorback team will respond to, not only a tough, seemingly unfair loss, but also the reality that the major goals it had set out to achieve this season are now basically pipe dreams.
Intangibles: Draw


This stacks up to be a game that will be closer than most Razorback fans likely expected it to be just a couple weeks ago. However, pound for pound Arkansas is the better, more talented football team and they are playing at home. When Ole Miss has the ball, any advantage it has when running the ball will be met with equal force from Arkansas’ advantage when Jeremiah Masoli puts the ball in the air. The biggest mismatch by far – as usual – will come when Arkansas drops back to hook up with any of its numerous down-field threats. The Hogs should score plenty. The Rebels won’t score as many.
Prediction: Arkansas 34 – 24

– Warzecha –


Arkansas at Auburn Blown Call October 16th

Here is video of the blown call from the 2nd quarter of the Arkansas vs Auburn game. The Auburn player is given a touchdown even though a fumble was called on the field. Take a look for yourself and decide if he got in the end zone.

[update: Looks like the SEC didn’t want people seeing the replay of the blown call. They’re party poopers and took the video down. Sorry, there isn’t anything we can do about it. If you know of other places people can find the video, please leave a comment to the link.]

College GameDay Disses Arkansas?

Idaho? Really?

College GameDay announced today they will be taking their big bus to Idaho next week. This got a lot of Arkansas Razorback fans fired up and feeling dissed. Of course you can somewhat see their point. The Razorbacks are undefeated and ranked #10 in the AP poll. They will be hosting the #1 team in the nation and defending national champs Alabama. So when College GameDay decides to go to Idaho where Boise St. is hosting an average Oregon St. team, you can kind of understand why they would get so upset.

Then again I can think of a few reasons why College GameDay would choose Boise St over Arkansas.

  • This is the last chance GameDay could go to Boise St. this year. Oregon State is the last ranked team on the schedule and if Boise St loses a game this year then they automatically become irrelevant. Kind of a now or never type deal.
  • Alabama hosts Florida the next week. Florida is currently ranked #9 in the AP pole just ahead of Arkansas.
  • Alabama/Florida has a bigger national appeal then Arkansas/Alabama. With the Gators’ recent successes and battles with Alabama in big games make their game a more compelling draw.
  • College GameDay has already featured Alabama once this year. They have also featured an SEC school each of the first 3 weeks. (LSU/NC, PennSt/Alabama, Auburn/Clemson)

Still A Chance

Razorback fans could possibly look to host Gameday on October 23rd when Ole Miss comes to town. The added rivalry between Arkansas and Houston Nutt will help. The other two compelling games that week would be LSU/Auburn or Wisconsin/Iowa. If it doesn’t happen that week then the only other chance would be November 27th against LSU. This could be tough with so many rivalry games happening that week and we all know how much GameDay loves USC vs Notre Dame. You never know, maybe Little Rock will get a chance to host their first ever College GameDay. If all else fails then maybe Arkansas will get on College GameDay when they go to Auburn or South Carolina.

Do you think Arkansas got dissed? Or does Boise St. make more sense considering all the factors?

I Love and somewhat Hate SEC Football

Being a college football fan, I like to watch as many games as possible.  No matter the team or conference.  I always get sucked in.  Watching these games has skewed my thinking that the SEC really is the superior conference in college football.  Below I present my argument why it’s the best.  To be fair, I’ve included the other side of the coin…why I dislike it…somewhat.

4 reasons I heart the SEC..

  1. Competition.   The level of play seems to be much higher than any other conference.  Watching an SEC team play an out of conference game is like watching Mike Tyson in his prime…you just feel bad for the other guy for even showing up.
  2. Tradition/Rivalries.  Overall no conference can match the traditions and rivalries.  Big 10 has Michigan, OSU and Penn State…after that what…Indiana vs. Minnesota?  Pac 10 has USC and…USC.  ACC has FSU and Miami…both relatively young in their winning ways compared to the established rivalries of Alabama, Tennessee, LSU, Georgia and Florida.  Between the Hedges, Gator Chomp, Smokey and so on…traditions everyone knows about.
  3. Tailgating/Fans.  The most passionate fans about football and food.  Sometimes food is more important than the game.  What were my first questions about going to the Arkansas/Missouri State game?…What are we eating and do we have enough?
  4. SEC Coeds.  When’s the last time you watched a Wisconsin game and said “you know?  There are a lot of hot girls at that game”.  Probably never.  Is anything better than the ladies in the Bear Bryant hats at Alabama games?  If you don’t know what I’m talking about…Google it.

4 reasons I’m ashamed to live in an SEC state…

  1. Tebow.  I know the guy has great stats, a Heisman and two titles but I’m not sure there has ever been an athlete more over-hyped.  Every Saturday on GameDay we have to hear about how he adopted four kids in Saigon and taught monkeys to read in the offseason.  It’s just too much.  Any day now the slip-up is coming – Tebow Arrested for DWI in Drag with car full of cats.
  2. SEC Fans Arrogance.  See Top 4 above.
  3. SEC Radio Shows.  Actual example of Arkansas fan calling in on the Randy Rainwater Show: Randy – “Darryl from Fordyce is up”; Darryl (in full Deliverance accent) – “Hey Randy, do you think if we had McFadden, Stoerner, Atwater, Anthony Lucas and Felix all at once we could win the national title or at least beat USC?  I’ll hang up and listen.”  Really?
  4. Controversy.  I think this has gotten a little better but SEC teams always do a good job of filling up the drunk tanks after a game.  It’s not always the players either.  How about the Tennessee/Alabama recruiting mess a few years ago or Kiffin right now constantly stirring the controversy pot?