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Can Georgia Win The SEC East After Starting 0-3 In Conference?

The Georgia Bulldogs had a tough start to the 2010 season. Their first two conference games were against South Carolina and Arkansas (two of the toughest teams they’ll play this year). ┬áNext they went on to lose to a Mississippi St team that many thought they should have beat. This gave them a 1-3 start to the season.

A.J. Is Back

Up to this point the Bulldogs had been playing without their best player WR A.J. Green. Thankfully he was coming back and just in time for a “warm up” game against Colorado. Green stood out as the best player on the field, but it still wasn’t enough for Georgia to pull out a victory. The Bulldogs looked defeated and with a 1-4 record people were wondering “How bad is this team?”.

Oh Look, Here Comes Vandy and Tennessee

The easiest part of the Georgia schedule was next and it couldn’t have came any sooner. A beat down of UT & Vandy is just what the doctor ordered. Aaron Murray and AJ Green have both looked really good the last two games and if they can keep it up the Bulldogs could be battling for the SEC East title.

What Has To Happen

SEC Standings

  1. Win Out – Isn’t that always the case in scenarios like this? The key for the Bulldogs is the fact they have yet to play Florida. Currently the two teams are tied for 2nd in the East. The biggest road block could be the Auburn game towards the end of the year.
  2. South Carolina Losses – There are really only 2 conference games that the Gamecocks might possibly lose. Home against the Razorbacks and at Florida.

Currently Georgia has a 2-3 conference record and South Carolina has a 2-2 conference record. With this scenario the Bulldogs would end up 5-3 and the Gamecocks would be 4-4 at the end of the season. South Carolina losing 2 more conference games is very possible considering the teams they have left on the schedule. the biggest hurdle for the Bulldogs will be upsetting the Tiger in Auburn on November 13th. Just think the Dawgs could win the SEC East and end up playing for the SEC Championship in their backyard after starting the season with a 0-3 conference record.

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