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Heisman Candidates Through Nov 1

It's Cam's Heisman to lose

1. Cam Newton – 40

The Cam Newton train just keeps rolling.  Newton pulled a new trick out of his Heisman bag with a touchdown reception along with two passing touchdowns against Ole Miss.  As the stats keep piling up, it will take a major letdown for the Auburn QB to not take the prestigious trophy come December.

2. LaMichael James – 32

If you read this blog, then you already know that we love James.  His stats compare very favorably to Mark Ingram’s Heisman winning numbers from last year.  Unfortunately, he’s up against the ridiculous season of Newton.  But this could definitely help his cause – 239 yards, 3 tds.  Those are James’ stats against USC last Saturday giving him his third 200-yard game of the season.  Unreal.

3. Kellen Moore – 18

In a weird twist, Moore was able to put up the same touchdown combination as Newton.  However, I think we can all agree that it wasn’t quite as exciting.  Moore continues to put up good stats and keep his team in the hunt to bust the BCS.  Unless he starts putting up even bigger stats, Moore will be giving a congratulatory handshake to Newton or James in NYC.

4. Andrew Luck – 16

Luck didn’t have a huge game but against an average Washington team that wasn’t required.  One thing to note though was his rushing yards.  Luck racked up 91 yards and a touchdown on the ground.  His mobility and strong arm have him firmly in the race for the third spot with Moore.  If Stanford wins the Pac-10 and Luck continues to outpace Moore in key passing stats, look for him to own the third spot behind Newton and James, respectively.

5. Denard Robinson – 10

Mr. Robinson makes his return to the top five after a great performance against Penn State.  Unfortunately, Michigan’s defense can’t make the same claim.  Shoelace put up 380 total yards and 4 touchdowns in the loss.  His play continues to keep him in the Heisman conversation and while he probably won’t take him the coveted prize, he will definitely finish the season with his name to several records.

  1. Newton
  2. James
  3. Moore
  4. Luck
  5. Robinson


  1. Newton
  2. James
  3. Moore
  4. Luck
  5. Robinson


  1. Newton
  2. James
  3. Luck
  4. Martinez
  5. Moore


  1. Newton
  2. James
  3. Robinson
  4. Moore
  5. Luck

Heisman Candidate LaMichael James Through Week 8

LaMichael James - Heisman Candidate

We are 8 weeks into the College Football season and LaMichael James is the lone running back in the Heisman race. Previous Heisman winner Mark Ingram was discussed as a possible candidate, until the last few weeks. James however has continued to rack up monster stats as he’s moved higher and higher up the board. LaMichael James has been nothing short of impressive this year and very comparable to Ingram’s stats from his Heisman winning season last year. Lets take a second to compare how James’ numbers so far this year stack up against Ingram’s through 8 weeks in 2009.

Through 8 Weeks -GP – Att – Rush Yds – Rush Avg – TD –
Mark Ingran (2009) 8 153 1004 6.6 8
LaMichael James (2010) 6 134 971 7.2 11
Heisman Season and 2010 Projected -GP – Att – Rush Yds – Rush Avg – TD –
Mark Ingram 2009 271 1658 6.1 17
LaMichael James 2010 (Proj) 230 1665 7.2 19

As you can see LaMichael James’ stats at this point of the season are better then Mark Ingram’s were 8 weeks into his Heisman winning season. Even with James playing two less games then Ingram did at this point of the season. So of course James projects to have better numbers in every major statistical category then Ingram did when he won the Heisman Trophy. LaMichael James still has some tough games left on the schedule. Including an away game against USC this weekend. If James can continue his dominance he’ll give Cam Newton a run for his money in the Heisman race this year.

– Jacob –

Heisman Trophy Candidates Through Week 5

Illegal Shift Heisman Poll – Week 5

1. Denard Robinson (4) – 40 pts
Robinson notched his second 200/200 game of the young season passing for 277 yards and 3 scores and running for 217 yards and 2 more TDs on only 19 carries (11.4 ypc). On his first touch of the game, he took a QB draw 73 yards to the house. Oh yeah, and he also led the Michigan offense on a game-winning 77-yard TD drive in the final minute of the game…again. Guy is a complete freak show.

2. Terrelle Pryor – 26 pts
Pryor went down and into the locker room with an apparently minor injury, but still scored twice through the air and ran for over 100 yards on 11 carries (9.5 ypc). A mere 76 yards passing and one interception made it a pretty pedestrian performance though, all things considered. Still, if the Buckeyes can avoid being upset, Pryor will continue to remain in the mix all the way to NYC.

3(Tie). Kellen Moore – 16 pts
Moore tossed three touchdown passes and 196 yards while completing over 70% of his passes against over-matched New Mexico State. The touchdowns were nice, but he could have used some additional yardage considering the competition. And with Oregon jumping the Broncos in the latest rankings – making Boise State’s inclusion in the BSC championship game even less likely – Moore’s chances to win the prize took a decent hit.

3(Tie). LaMichael James – 16 pts
James had a monster game in what was by far Oregon’s biggest match-up of the season to date, rushing for 257 yards on 31 carries (8.3 ypc). The win was a huge one for Oregon, who used it to vault to #3 in the country and one Alabama/Ohio State loss from controlling its own destiny for the national title. If Oregon Keeps winning, James will be a very legitimate threat.

5(Tie). Cam Newton – 10 pts
Newton, like Moore, played a total cupcake and probably lost out on some stat-padding because of the blowout that ensued. Still, Newton threw for 245 yards to go along with three touchdowns and one interception. Newton has been sort of like a “poor man’s” Denard Robinson so far this season, but he could close the gap if Auburn pulls off some big wins against Arkansas and Alabama later in the season.

5(Tie). Mark Ingram – 10 pts
Ingram only carried the ball 12 times in the big tilt against Florida for 47 yards (4 ypc). He did have two touchdowns – the first two of the game – to spruce up an otherwise underwhelming game, but given the rest of the talent on Alabama’s offense, Ingram’s gong to need more than 12 carries to have a chance to go back to back.

Edwards Cook Thompson Warzecha
10pts Denard Robinson Denard Robinson Denard Robinson Denard Robinson
8pts Terrelle Pryor Terrelle Pryor LaMichael James LaMichael James
6pts Kellen Moore Patrick Peterson Kellen Moore Cam Newton
4pts Mark Ingram Kellen Moore Terrelle Pryor Mark Ingram
2pts Cam Newton Cam Newton Mark Ingram Terrelle Pryor
_______ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________