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College Football Poll Through Nov 1

The four of us (Edwards, Cook, Thompson & Warzecha) who contribute to this blog decided to put together our own College Football poll. We started by each filling out who we think are the top 14 teams. Then we took those results and mashed em together to create the official Illegal Shift College Football Poll.


LaMichael James has Oregon #1 in the county.


  1. Oregon (4)
  2. Auburn
  3. Alabama +3
  4. TCU
  5. Boise St -2
  6. Nebraska +6
  7. Utah +1
  8. Ohio St +5
  9. Oklahoma +1
  10. Wisconsin -1
  11. Missouri -6
  12. Stanford +1
  13. LSU +1
  14. *Iowa

* Not ranked in previous poll.
+/- How many spots they moved up or down since previous poll.
(x) Number of first place votes.

If you think we’ve messed this whole thing up, then let us know in the comments what your top 14 looks like.


Huge Weekend for Hog Fans


Sure, Arkansas’ chances of winning either an SEC or national title are now nothing more than a fading memory. And heck, the Razorbacks aren’t even playing a game in front of their fans on Saturday. Still, this weekend should be of the absolute, utmost importance to Hog fans.

Here’s why

The Razorbacks are still very much in play for their first-ever BCS bowl appearance. That may be hard to believe for some, but it is an absolute fact. Here is the simple scenario that would result in the Hogs recieving their first BCS bid in the infamous system’s 13-year reign over the college football landscape:

  1. Alabama loses this Saturday night in Baton Rouge
  2. Arkansas beats #19 South Carolina and #20 Mississippi State on the road, and #10 LSU in Little Rock over the next 4 weeks*
  3. Auburn beats Alabama the day after Thanksgiving
  4. Auburn beats South Carolina in the SEC Championship Game

Arkansas must win the battle for "The Golden Boot"

It’s honestly that simple, and relatively foreseeable. The above scenario results in Arkansas ending the season with a 10-2 record, good for 2nd place in the SEC West (and, really, the 2nd best record in the whole conference). With Auburn’s then-certain inclusion in the BCS National Championship game, the BCS will, without a doubt, extend an at-large bid to another SEC team. Here’s the group they will be looking at:

  • *Arkansas 10-2 (6-2)
  • *LSU 10-2 (6-2)
  • *Alabama 9-3 (5-3)
  • *South Carolina 9-4 (5-3)

South Carolina, like so many SEC Championship Game losers of the past would be overlooked, and given that Arkansas would have beaten LSU head-to-head in the last game of the season, Arkansas would get the nod over the Tigers. It should also not be overlooked that the BCS brain-trust is smart, and knows that the rabid Razorback fan base would show up in droves for the Hogs’ first ever BCS appearance – especially if they were to get placed in the Sugar Bowl.

So there you have it. While there are several moving parts to this scenario, would any of them, individually, really even cause you to raise both eyebrows? Not me. The two biggest hurdles need to be cleared this weekend, and if they are, this scenario almost begins to look more likely than not.

So, as always, Woo Pig Sooiieee!

And for just a single, painful but necessary weekend…Geaux Tigers!

What If The College Football Season Ended Today (Oct 28) and We Had A Playoff?

BCS - The Playoff Killer

There are a ton of people out there who are completely fed up with the BCS and their system. They don’t want a computer telling them who are the best teams in the nation. They want teams to play it out on the field. So lets take a minute to head off into our own little “Fantasy World” and see what a playoff system would look like today. We’re going to take the top 8 teams from the BCS standings and match em up in a typical tournament style  (1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6, 4 vs 5).

– Round 1 – – Round 2 – – Championship –
(1) Auburn vs (8) Utah
(4) TCU vs (5) Michigan St
(1) Auburn vs (4) TCU
(1) Auburn vs (2) Oregon
(2) Oregon vs (3) Boise St
(2) Oregon vs (7) Alabama
(3) Boise St vs (6) Missouri

Heisman Candidate LaMichael James Through Week 8

LaMichael James - Heisman Candidate

We are 8 weeks into the College Football season and LaMichael James is the lone running back in the Heisman race. Previous Heisman winner Mark Ingram was discussed as a possible candidate, until the last few weeks. James however has continued to rack up monster stats as he’s moved higher and higher up the board. LaMichael James has been nothing short of impressive this year and very comparable to Ingram’s stats from his Heisman winning season last year. Lets take a second to compare how James’ numbers so far this year stack up against Ingram’s through 8 weeks in 2009.

Through 8 Weeks -GP – Att – Rush Yds – Rush Avg – TD –
Mark Ingran (2009) 8 153 1004 6.6 8
LaMichael James (2010) 6 134 971 7.2 11
Heisman Season and 2010 Projected -GP – Att – Rush Yds – Rush Avg – TD –
Mark Ingram 2009 271 1658 6.1 17
LaMichael James 2010 (Proj) 230 1665 7.2 19

As you can see LaMichael James’ stats at this point of the season are better then Mark Ingram’s were 8 weeks into his Heisman winning season. Even with James playing two less games then Ingram did at this point of the season. So of course James projects to have better numbers in every major statistical category then Ingram did when he won the Heisman Trophy. LaMichael James still has some tough games left on the schedule. Including an away game against USC this weekend. If James can continue his dominance he’ll give Cam Newton a run for his money in the Heisman race this year.

– Jacob –

Illegal Shift College Football Poll Through October 25th

The four of us (Edwards, Cook, Thompson & Warzecha) who contribute to this blog decided to put together our own College Football poll. We started by each filling out who we think are the top 14 teams. Then we took those results and mashed em together to create the official Illegal Shift College Football Poll.

  1. Oregon (4)
  2. Auburn +2
  3. Boise St
  4. TCU +1
  5. *Missouri
  6. Alabama
  7. Michigan St
  8. Utah +1
  9. Wisconsin +3
  10. Oklahoma -9
  11. Ohio State -1
  12. Nebraska +2
  13. Stanford -2
  14. LSU -6

* Not ranked in previous poll.
+/- How many spots they moved up or down since previous poll.
(x) Number of first place votes.

If you think we’ve messed this whole thing up, then let us know in the comments what your top 14 looks like.

The Breakdown: Arkansas vs Ole Miss – October 23rd

Houston Nutt & Bobby Petrino

When Arkansas Runs

The running game has been considered the weak half of the Arkansas offense all season, but it needs to be noted that all but one team (Louisiana-Monroe) on the Hogs’ schedule thus far is ranked as a Top 20 rushing defense nationally. That kind of opposition makes it difficult to employ a dominant ground attack, but in the last two weeks, against the #2 and #15 rush defenses, the Hogs have averaged 3.7 and 4.9 yards per carry, respectively. Not bad at all given the competition.
The Rebels boast the 23rd ranked rush defense in the country and had a surprising amount of success against Alabama’s 37th ranked running attack last week, holding the combination of Ingram and Richardson to a paltry 2.9 yards per carry on 34 attempts. Remember though, that Ole Miss had an extra week to prepare for Alabama’s visit to Oxford – a luxury they won’t be afforded against the Razorbacks. If the Hogs can run the ball on Saturday for an average anywhere in between what they produced against better defenses in the past two weeks, that should be plenty good enough to keep the Rebels from selling out to defend the pass.
EDGE: Draw

When Arkansas Passes

Regardless of who starts at quarterback for the Hogs – and it looks like it will be Ryan Mallett ( – the passing game is…well, its basically unstoppable. Arkansas is the #2 passing team in the entire nation, behind only Hawaii, who throws the ball like 350 times a game. The Razorbacks have faced pass defenses ranked in the top 25% nationally (Alabama & Georgia) and defenses ranked in the bottom 25% (Texas A&M & Auburn). The results have all been pretty much the same. The only thing that stops Arkansas’ passing game is itself, and probably Tebow, somehow.
Ole Miss doesn’t even pretend to be a competent pass defense. Ranked 96th in the country, the Rebels have faced some decent passing attacks, but nothing nearly like Arkansas, and nobody ranked in the Top 25 for that matter. A healthy Arkansas QB, whoever it is, should have plenty of success getting the ball to every one of Greg Childs, Joe Adams, Jarius Wright, D.J. Williams, and Cobi Hamilton on Saturday.
EDGE: Arkansas

Ryan Mallett & Tyler Wilson

When Ole Miss Runs

As stated above Arkansas is statistically worse than 81 other teams when it comes to stopping the run – much worse (and rightfully so) than they were before the embarrassment that was Cam Newton and Auburn’s #6 rushing offense last week. While the Rebels won’t be trotting out anyone with half the skills of Newton on Saturday, after what we saw last week, the Razorback run defense is far from worthy of trust at the moment.
EDGE: Ole Miss

When Ole Miss Passes

Arkansas is, statistically, the best pass defense Ole Miss will have seen this season, ranked #12 in the country. And much as it seems like Arkansas hasn’t been that dominant, it’s not like they’ve just been facing below average offenses. In fact, four of Arkansas’ five opponents have passing attacks ranked in the Top half of teams nationally, with Texas A&M’s #10 ranked unit being the best of the bunch. I think this indicates that the Razorbacks’ ranking here is pretty legitimate.
EDGE: Arkansas


Well, regardless of records, the coaches, players, and most importantly the fans involved in this game want to win in the worst way. No need to further explain the history there, except to say that it probably runs both ways pretty equally. Luckily for Hog fans, the game is in Fayetteville, so they are the ones who will get to try to make a difference on gameday.
I’m not sure it’s completely fair to say, given such a small sample size, but if anyone has anyone’s number here, Nutt has Petrino’s after winning the head to head match-up in each of the two years since both coaches took their current posts in 2008. But as the 3rd Edition of WIlly Robinson vs. Gus Mahlzan showed last week, winning the first two doesn’t always mean much.

You also have to wonder how this Razorback team will respond to, not only a tough, seemingly unfair loss, but also the reality that the major goals it had set out to achieve this season are now basically pipe dreams.
Intangibles: Draw


This stacks up to be a game that will be closer than most Razorback fans likely expected it to be just a couple weeks ago. However, pound for pound Arkansas is the better, more talented football team and they are playing at home. When Ole Miss has the ball, any advantage it has when running the ball will be met with equal force from Arkansas’ advantage when Jeremiah Masoli puts the ball in the air. The biggest mismatch by far – as usual – will come when Arkansas drops back to hook up with any of its numerous down-field threats. The Hogs should score plenty. The Rebels won’t score as many.
Prediction: Arkansas 34 – 24

– Warzecha –

College Football Lead Pipe Locks For October 23rd

1. Wisconsin (+6) at Iowa

The Badgers are coming off of their first win over Ohio State under Brett Beilema, and Iowa is returning home after a hard-fought win over Michigan on the road last week. Obviously, Wisconsin’s win was the bigger of the two, but often times that kind of upset comes with sluggish results in a teams’ next game. However, you shouldn’t be worried about that with this disciplined Badger team. Having watched both of these teams quite a bit this season, I’ve come to the conclusion that Wisconsin is simply the better of the two. They may lose in Iowa City, but I see this playing out as a game decided by three or four points. Take Bucky and the points. Prediction: Wisconsin 27 – 24.

2. Auburn (-6) vs. LSU

Listen, I don’t dismiss the fact that LSU has a stout defense. They are #6 against the run nationally and allow only 14.4 points per game, good for 11th best in the country. But I’ve already made the mistake of underestimating Cam Newton’s ability to run wild on a real SEC defense. I thought Newton’s 198 yards rushing earlier this season against South Carolina had been a fluke. And say what you want about the Razorbacks, but going into that game they had played good defense all season, and I figured the Hogs would at least hold him to around 100 yards. Not so much. Like, not so much at halftime. South Carolina is STILL the #14 run defense in the country. They’d probably be Top 10 like LSU had they not met with Auburn’s QB already. So, long story short, LSU won’t be able to shut down Auburn’s offense no matter how highly their defense is ranked and LSU’s offense is not good enough to take full advantage of Auburn’s weak defense. Prediction: Auburn 34 – 27.

3. Oklahoma State (+6) vs. Nebraska

This game pits the nations 2nd highest scoring offense in Oklahoma State against Nebraska, a Top 15 scoring offense. The principal difference between these two is the defense, where Nebraska is Top 10 material and the Cowboys are barely Top 75 material. However, having played the #11, 23, 29 & 46 offenses is a decent reason to the Okies have an unimpressive defensive ranking. Nebraska, in comparison has only faced a single Top 50 offense, #37 Kansas State. I’m not giving up on Nebraska at all. Actually, I think they simply ran into a buzzsaw last week in a Texas team, coming off a bye, that was desperate to avoid a third straight loss. Those longhorns, love ’em or hate ’em, have a ton of pride. My guess is that Nebraska pulls off the win here, but six points is too much to give to a team that has taken on all comers to this point and is playing at home. Prediction: Nebraska 34 – 30.

4. Oregon (-23.5) vs. UCLA

Both teams are coming off of bye weeks heading into this game at Autzen Stadium. Both teams headed into their respective breaks with injured quarterbacks. The difference is that Oregon’s Darron Thomas is back to 100% and has been practicing all week, whereas UCLA’s Kevin Prince has been watching his back-up take all the first team snaps. Prince has been tagged as doubtful for the game, and the Bruins will also be missing a starting corner on Thursday night. Night game, Autzen Stadium, back-up quarterback, #1 team and scoring offense coming out of a bye week fully healthy…recipe for a beatdown. Prediction: Oregon 44 – 16.

Lock of the Week!!!

**Air Force (+19) at TCU

Air Force was ranked until just last week when they fell narrowly to a good San Diego State squad, 27-25. TCU has only played one good team all season, Oregon State. Air Force is probably just as good as the Beavers, but even harder to prepare for given their triple-option offense. TCU beat Oregon State by 9 and allowed the Beavers to score 21 points. Air Force’s offense is more explosive and should score more than that. The only three teams TCU has truly shut down this season are Wyoming, Colorado State, and BYU. Those three teams are ranked #109, #115, and #119 in scoring offense….out of 120 teams. This TCU defense is good, but with only one week to prepare for a triple-option attackun to perfection, this 19 point spread is too much to give. Prediction: TCU 34 – 20.

Overall Season Record — 8-11
Lock of the Week Record — 3-1