NFL Week 8 Wide Receivers and Team Defenses

Wanna win this week in fantasy football? Pay attention, these are some must and don’t plays at running back in the NFL in week 8.
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Must Start WRs – Thompson

Look Maw, I'm playing the Bills!

1. Dwayne Bowe – The Chiefs have silenced the doubters and have shown to be a solid team. They have done so with a good defense and the league’s best running offense but the week 8 match up against the Bills should be beneficial for the entire offense. My guess is the Chiefs will open up the playbook to try to get passing attack some work. That will mean Bowe should get a lot of looks and barring any drops, will be very productive.


2. Reggie Wayne – I picked Wayne week 1 as a top wide out against the same Texan team he faces this week. He didn’t come through then but will now. Reggie is due for a breakout game against this division foe and I believe it will be this week. Expect a big night from Mr. Wayne this Monday.

3. Brandon Marshall – Marshall is having a quietly productive year and I think it is time he made my top 3. He is leading the Dolphins with 524 yards but only has 1 touchdown. The Dolphins are 3-0 on the road this year and are in Cincinnati this week. Look for the Dolphins to pull out all the stops as they need a win to keep pace with the elite teams in the AFC. Marshall will find the end zone for his second and possibly even his third TD of the year.

Let ’em ride the pine

I want my Romo...

1. Miles Austin – We all know Romo is hurt and Kitna has taken over for the Cowboys. Kitna has shown he can get the job done in years past but he didn’t look the part last week. The full week of preparation should help but how much effort the disappointing Cowboys will give is still unknown. I’m sure he will complete some passes against a pathetic Jacksonville secondary but with so many options, we just don’t know who will be on the receiving end. Leave him out this week just to see how things shake out.


2. Donald Driver – The Packers are traveling to New York to take on the Jets. The Jets just so happen to have the league’s best corner in Darrelle Revis. Earlier this week Revis stated he is “100 percent”. That alone should scare you into leaving Driver on the bench.

3. Calvin Johnson – There is no doubt Johnson is a great talent. However, this week Matt Stafford is starting for the first time since injuring his shoulder week 1. I could see Stafford either throwing 4 touchdowns or 4 picks in his return. You don’t want that kind of uncertainty in your lineup this late in the season. Go ahead and bench him and see how things come together.

Hope You Got One Of These Team Defenses – Cook

  1. Chiefs – At home against the Bills
  2. Cowboys – At home against the Jaguars
  3. Rams – At home against the Panthers
  4. Broncos – On the road at 49ers
  5. Jets – At home against the Packers
  6. Dolphins – On the road at Bengals
  7. Buccaneers – On the road at Cardinals
  8. Steelers – On the road at Saints
  9. Jaguars – On the road at Cowboys
  10. Redskins – On the road at Lions


PatriotsSure, the Vikings have a great running back in Peterson, but not one back has rushed for more then 88 yards against New England this year. Plus we all know about Favre and the broken bones in his foot. The Patriots also know this and you can expect them to focus on the Vikings running game. If Favre doesn’t play then that plays even more into the Pats plans, because nobody is scared of Tarvaris Jackson dropping back to pass.


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