College Football Heisman Candidates Through October 25th

Heisman Front Runner - Cam Newton

1. Cam Newton – 40

Seriously. You can hate him all you want, but you cannot deny how great Cam Newton is in this Gus Mahlzan offense. He reminds me of what Terrelle Pryor would be if he had gone to play for Rich Rodriguez at Michigan, and if he had any heart or work ethic….and I digress. Newton’s 200+ yards rushing against the ridiculously stout run defense of LSU put him in an entire class by himself after 8 weeks of college football. Even if Auburn loses to Alabama in the last week of the season, as long as Newton doesn’t completely crap the bed, I can’t see how he gets caught by any of the below.

2. LaMichael James – 32

James put up big numbers against UCLA, but more importantly he did it on national television for the number number 2 team in the BCS. Everyone got to see how quick, shifty, and explosive he is, but I actually couldn’t help but think that he looks like just another really talented guy in an offense that provides 8 touchdowns every week for someone to claim. I’m probably alone there though, and as long as the Ducks continue to win he will remain as the only guy with a chance to catch Newton.

3. Kellen Moore – 22

Somehow I feel like Moore was less boring this week while he and the Broncos were on bye. Nevertheless, his numbers are very efficient, if not gaudy, and his team remains in the mix for the national title. He could use a few monster games from here on out though. I mean, that’s what system QB’s have going for them right? Huge numbers? At this point his yardage and touchdown totals are far from mind-blowing, but his completion percentage and touchdown-to-interception ratio is downright awesome.

4. Justin Blackmon – 10

This is Blackmon’s first appearance in the Illegal Shift Heisman poll, and we’re probably a bit late giving him the respect he deserves. In 7 games, Blackmon has racked up 45 catches for 809 yards and 11 touchdowns!! That is ridiculous. A couple years ago when Dez Bryant got Heisman love, he finished the entire season with 62 catches for 1,112 and 14 TDs. Blackmon, with 5 more games, will easily surpass those numbers. He’s legit, and he’s only a sophomore.

5. Andrew Luck – 10

I think Luck gets a bit overlooked because most people not on the west coast have probably not seen him play an entire game. He’s a really good quarterback, and he’s put up really good numbers this season. However, he’s thrown more interceptions than Moore (5 to 1), has a lower completion percentage (66.5% to 69.5%), and his team is not undefeated. I’m sure he’ll be happy to trade Moore the better chance at a Heisman though, for his current chances to be the top quarterback taken in the 2011 NFL Draft.


  1. Newton
  2. James
  3. Moore
  4. Luck
  5. Robinson


  1. Newton
  2. James
  3. Moore
  4. Blackmon
  5. Martinez


  1. Newton
  2. James
  3. Moore
  4. Luck
  5. Martinez


  1. Newton
  2. James
  3. Blackmon
  4. Moore
  5. Luck

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Spencer on October 26, 2010 at 2:45 pm

    I think Blackmon just took a step backwards….DUI


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