NFL Week 7 Wide Receivers and Defense Fantasy Picks

Wanna win this week in fantasy football? Pay attention, these are some must and don’t plays at wide receiver and team defense in the NFL in week 7.

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WRs That Are A Must Start: Thompson

1. Hakeem Nicks I really hate to make this pick because he is going up against my beloved Cowboys. However, the Cowboys can score which will keep the Giants throwing the ball. Nicks has developed into the go to guy in red zone and he will get a lot of looks this week. I would expect 120 yards and a score. He may also sneak in a big play of 50 yards so put him in.

2. Larry Fitzgerald – Larry is usually a no brainer but this year he has not put the numbers he should. We all know that is because he is getting double covered due to a lack of another threat on the Cardinals offense. The Seattle defense is so bad I don’t think a triple team would stop him this week. Look for a 2009 type of performance with over 100 yards and maybe 2 scores.

3. Jeremy Maclin – Maclin had a huge game last week and with Desean Jackson out will get most of the looks. He will be the only play maker the Eagles have on the field so look for him to do some damage. The only downside to Maclin is the fact they are going up against a pretty good Titan defense. Don’t let that keep him out of your lineup as he will go over 100 yards and a score.

Let ’em ride the pine

1. Randy MossI am still not buying him as a Viking and Favre is just not getting it done. Favre will be all fired up going against the Packers which I think will translate into forced balls and interceptions. Moss won’t get many looks in the first half and we all know he tends to shut it down if he doesn’t get his.

2. Hines Ward – This is the first time I have put him on either one of my lists. I don’t want his owners to get too excited about Big Ben’s return. We all know Ben is good quarterback but he is not a prolific passer. His match up against Miami this week is also not good for him.

3. Chad Ochocinco – Carson Palmer is still struggling and the Bengals just can’t seem to get it together. Typically you would think a match up against Cleveland would be a good one but they do have a solid defense. They just can’t score or they might be a good team. Leave him on the bench until Palmer can prove he can still get it done.

Team Defenses You Want To Start: Jacob

  1. Baltimore – At home against Buffalo
  2. Kansas City – At home against Jacksonville
  3. Atlanta – At home against Cincinnati
  4. New Orleans – At home against Cleveland
  5. Chicago – At home against Washington
  6. San Francisco – On the road at Carolina
  7. Denver – At home against Oakland
  8. Tennessee – At home against Philadelphia
  9. Pittsburgh – One the road at Miami
  10. Seattle – At home against Arizona


San DiegoYou wouldn’t know it from their record, but the Chargers lead the league on defense only giving up 255.2 yds/game (benefiting from playing horrible quarterbacks). The Patriots looked better then expected last week. Especially considering they traded Randy Moss and faced a tough Ravens defense. But they held their own and pulled out a victory in overtime. Without all this going against them I’m picking the Chargers as my sleeper because we’re at that point of the year when San Diego gets hot. They start slow and then roll off like 6 victories in a row. Last week’s loss to the Rams should be enough of a wake up call to get them out of their funk.


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