NFL Week 7 Fantasy Quarterbacks

Wanna win this week in fantasy football? Pay attention, these are some must and don’t plays at quarterback in the NFL in week 7.
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Start Em – Warzecha

1. Eli ManningEli is going on the road, playing against his fiercest division rival, and that rival is more desperate than they’ve probably ever been in franchise history. (And it’s quite a long and illustrious history, mind you) This sounds like a terrible spot, but lucky for him and the Giants the opponent is the 2010 Dallas Cowboys! I have no doubt that the Dallas defense will turn ion an impressive performance stopping the running game of the G-Men, but Eli will likely have a field day throwing to Nicks, Smith and Manningham in Arlington on Sunday.

2. Joe Flacco – I expect the entire Baltimore offense to have a huge game against the lowly Bills on Sunday. The great thing about Ray Rice for Flacco owners is that even if he gets his, it is just as likely to come from a little dump pass as it is from a handoff. Start Baltimore Joe with confidence and look for at least a couple hundred yards and two or three touchdowns.

3. Jay Cutler – Cutler is back to his typical feast or famine self now, and he can’t really be considered an every week starter. But this is a week to put him in there against a Redskins defense that is second to last in the league defending the pass. Mike Martz will exploit the obvious holes in Washington’s secondary. The Redskins have also allowed the most receiving yards to opposing running backs in the NFL, so expect Cutler to get some easy points from dumping screen passes to Matt Forte with frequency.

Sit Em

1. Vince YoungIt looks as though VY will be good to go health-wise this weekend against the Eagles. However, I’m not so sure he’ll be able to play a complete game against the physical Philly defense, and even if he does he is unlikely to post gaudy stats. If you own Young, I’d give him a week on your bench and look to another option.

2. Kevin Kolb – Kolb got the nod to start this week from Andy Reid, presumably just to give Vick another week of rest heading into Philly’s bye week. Kolb had his first big game of 2010 last week at home against Atlanta, but this week he is on the road against a tough Tennessee defense without his go-to receiver Desean Jackson, who is out with a concussion. If Kolb is all you’ve got, he won’t be a total bust this week, but a guy like Matt Cassel is likely available in your league and a better bet this week in my opinion.

3. Brett Favre – I know, I know. But it’s Favre! It’s primetime on SNF! He’s playing the Packers! He has Moss now! Listen, the time for Favre to prove anything to Mike Macarthy and Ted Thompson was last year. Favre has been half beaten to death the last two weeks and is dealing with lingering tendinitis in his elbow. He’ll likely get his hardest beating of the year from a Green Bay defense welcoming back sophomore sackmaster Clay Matthews. I know this won’t stop you from starting him if you’ve already decided to it. It’s a romantic storyline. And lord knows Favre would never let himself come out of THIS game on account of pain or injury. But I truly believe he’s going to be beaten into a pulp, and rendered ineffective in this one. Don’t expect a big fantasy performance.

Sleeper Special

**Matt Cassel – New week, new quarterback facing the lowly Jacksonville Jaguar defense. Two weeks ago we told you to start Ryan Fitzpatrick who had a big game. Last week it was Vince Young, who had already thrown a touchdown before injuring his knee in the first half and being forced to watch Kerry Collins’ best Brett Favre impression. Cassel is coming off a big game last week in which he threw for 262 yards and two touchdowns, and will be the next beneficiary of the Jacksonville secondary.


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  2. Posted by cactusnick26 on October 22, 2010 at 9:44 am

    Hey man,
    I really enjoyed reading your start/em sit/em advice and I agree with you about Eli Manning. I am a Giants fan and I can’t believe how underrated this guy is. It’s probably because he is the legend’s little brother. Anyway, I thought I’d give you some props on your fantasy writing too. If you want to check out my blog, that’d be awesome. I kind of write with the same style as you and would appreciate your feedback. Thanks! Here’s my link-


    • Really liked your all-decade team post:
      Little disappointed you left Marvin Harrison off the list 😦


      • Posted by cactusnick26 on October 22, 2010 at 10:07 am

        He was on the cusp of making my team. It was between him and Torry Holt. They kind of remind me of each other, their skill set and all. Both had elite QB’s and saw their fair share of targets.


      • Posted by Warzecha on October 22, 2010 at 10:12 am

        Yeah, I liked it a lot too. Except I went with Wayne over Harrison if there was a flex spot, Jake. However, if 2011 and on won’t count for Wayne, just as 1996-1999 won’t count for Harrison….pretty close call, I’d say. What do you think? I’d probably lean towards your pick because of the absolute consistency of the nastiness in those 7 years.


        2002 IND 716 14.6 4
        2003 IND 838 12.3 7
        2004 IND 1210 15.7 12
        2005 IND 1055 12.7 5
        2006 IND 1310 15.2 9
        2007 IND 1510 14.5 10
        2008 IND 1145 14.0 6
        2009 IND 1264 12.7 10
        2010 IND A LOT A LOT A LOT


        2000 IND 1,413 13.9 78 14
        2001 IND 1,524 14.0 68 15
        2002 IND 1,722 12.0 69 11
        2003 IND 1,272 13.5 79 10
        2004 IND 1,113 12.9 59 15
        2005 IND 1,146 14.0 80 12
        2006 IND 1,366 14.4 68 12


        • I don’t think its really that close. Give me Harrison all day.

          Wayne (8 year span)
          9,048 yards
          63 touchdowns

          Harrison (7 year span)
          9,556 yards
          89 touchdowns


          • Posted by Warzecha on October 22, 2010 at 11:04 am

            Well, but we have to take the whole decade into consideration. I think the yards (given over 1,000 for Wayne this season, which is a lock) and longevity (9 seasons to 6 in the decade) make an argument for Wayne.

            But, you’re right, the TDs are unbelievable from Harrison….almost 13 per…and is definitely enough to give him the nod.

            By the way…what a random conversation in the comments of a Week 7 Fantasy QB post.


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