Why Boise State Deserves a Chance

Boise State is the most polarizing team in college football. Either you love them or you hate them. There is nothing in between and every college football fan has taken their stance. Both the “lovers” and the “haters” can make a strong argument for their chosen position. Personally, I’m smitten.

The facts of this case are simple and season after season the Broncos have proven they are one of the top programs in the country. What I find so interesting is they are using the very system that was designed to keep them out, to force their way in. Everyone must remember they are playing by the rules of the BCS. They are not getting special treatment. In fact it, has taken years of great success to get where they are.


Boise St - The Cinderella BCS Buster


Right now the Broncos are in a position to be the first non BCS school to make the championship game. The first ranking of the 2010 season has the team third behind Oregon and Oklahoma. Many speculated that Boise State would in fact be the top team. How is that possible when ten years ago nobody even knew they played football in Boise? Well let’s look at the breakdown of the improbable climb to the top. From 2000 – 2003 Boise State had a combined record of 43 – 8 and for the first time, finally finished the 2003 season as the 15th ranked team in the country. From 2004 – 2007 the Broncos were a combined 43 – 8. During this time, they also became the darlings of college football in 2006 when they beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. Remember the Statue of Liberty play and Ian Johnson’s proposal to his cheerleader girlfriend? You do, and you loved it. Boy, things sure have changed. That win capped off an undefeated 13 win season in which Boise State finished as the 6th ranked team in the country. That leaves us with 2008 – 2010. With the 2010 season halfway over our polarizing smurf turfers are a combined 32-1 including wins over Oregon, TCU, Oregon State and Virginia Tech. All of these teams were ranked at game time. My math is not the best but I believe that is a combined 118 – 17. You can say what you want about the competition but that is impressive.

Unless you are a Boise State lover, you have probably said “so what” about ten times. Your thought process is simple and predictable. You think the teams they play are mid-majors who anyone could beat, they wouldn’t last a day in a “real conference”, they need trick plays and luck to beat anybody good, the week one win over Virginia Tech has no merit…….Now let me ask you this one question. Do you want your team scheduling them anytime soon? Allow me to answer for you, no you don’t. You know what, I don’t blame you either. Why should Arkansas or any other BCS conference school play them? They play a tough enough schedule as it is and a win over Boise State means virtually nothing (only because most fans don’t respect them) and a loss to a WAC team would be downright embarrassing. It is a lose-lose situation so stay away.

Now let me play devil’s advocate. Boise State started the year as the 3rd ranked team and has a really good chance of making the title game. They will need to go undefeated, blow everyone out and need some teams to lose. That is exactly what I think will happen and we are in store for a Boise State – Oregon BCS title game. I hope this happens for one and only one reason. I want a playoff in college football, nothing big, just a final four. The result of the game won’t really matter because the Broncos will prove something just by making it. They get blown out and look like a mid-major only proves the system is flawed otherwise they would have never made it. They win and utter chaos will take place and people will be outraged that a team like that could win a title. Any way you spin it, this is a lose-lose situation for the BCS.

Ok so back to the whole devil’s advocate thing I mentioned earlier. Boise State will most likely take the field on January 10th with a chance to win a national title. The only nationally recognized teams they will have beaten are Virginia Tech and Oregon State. Meanwhile, your team will have already played a bowl game because the competition they see week in and week out is so tough; they couldn’t end the year undefeated. So ask yourself this, does Boise State really want to play you, the BCS powerhouse? No they don’t. And whether anyone likes it or not, evidently they don’t have to.

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  1. Posted by Professor B on October 20, 2010 at 9:07 am

    This topic is the debate of the season, and both sides seem somewhat polarized. I’m somewhere in the middle. I don’t know if Boise State is the best team in the country, but, at the same time, I don’t have a problem with seeing them play for a national title. The problem is, we don’t know if they can beat LSU, Auburn, Alabama, Ohio State, or others ranked behind them…. and we don’t know because these teams ARE NOT WILLING TO PLAY Boise State. I can’t say that I blame them… if you don’t have to play a non-conference road game, why do it?

    I do think it is probable that Boise State might have a loss or two each season if they played in a tougher conference, but I totally disagree with those that say a 32-1 record over three years doesn’t mean anything. It does mean something. It’s extremely hard to stay unbeaten in any level of football. (This may be comparing apples to oranges, but remember a few years ago when the New England Patriots would have remained undefeated, but the one-win Miami Dolphins beat them and destroyed their pursuit of a perfect season.) It’s easy to sit back and talk about how much better your team is, but it’s something else to schedule them and find out. Boise does have a history of playing and winning against teams from the “real conferences”. In my opinion, we will never have a true college champion until we have some form of a playoff bracket. Until then, I want to see BSU play for a title, and ultimately prove which side of the debate has it right.


  2. Just to play the other side, I’m not so sure that it’s other teams not willing to play Boise as much as it is other teams not wanting to do a home and home with Boise, which is Boise’s preference. If I remember correctly, Nebraska offered Boise a 2 for 1 and they rejected it. For the BCS schools, it’s about money. Why would I travel to Boise and play in front of a sold out crowd of 32,010 when I could play an FCS school at home in front of 80,000+ fans. I think there are plenty of teams in auto qualifying conferences that will play Boise State, just not at their place… and I can’t blame them honestly.


  3. Boise has Ole Miss as their “tough” opponent for 2011.
    The Ole Miss game is really smart of them, because the “Rebels” are down right now. Having a win against a SEC team will be huge for them, even if it is against a weaker SEC team. Its might not be enough if they can’t get another “tough” game on their schedule though.

    Also Ole Miss is paying Boise St $900,000 to come to Oxford.


    • Does the host team always pay the visitor in a non conference game? If not then this seems crazy. The current number 3 team is being paid to play a unranked team next year. That is insane.


  4. Posted by Suck It Boise on October 20, 2010 at 1:00 pm

    This debate is old and tiring. Boise is third right now… big deal. The only people who think Boise is deserving of a national title shot are people who are Sun Belt Conference fans and WAC fans, and other mid major conferences. The conferences are just now getting into their conference schedules. Boise has played TWO ranked teams this season, Va Tech, an overrated ACC team who they barely beat, and Oregon State, who was 24th at the time and is not ranked anymore after their loss to Washington who is a bottom half Pac 10 team. No one listed on their remaining schedule is even ranked and the teams they have left have a combined 23-16 record (I think) and if it wasn’t for Nevada and Fresno their remaining schedule would be an absolute joke, which it is anyway. Compare that to a Big 12, Big 10 or SEC team. Big 12 – 6 ranked teams. SEC – 6 ranked teams. Big 10 – 4 ranked teams. Also note, that 5 of the 6 teams in the SEC WEST are in the BCS Top 25. That ends the discussion over the toughest conference in the nation. And notice it’s the SEC WEST, not the SEC in general. Auburn, LSU and Bama are all from that division, with Arkansas and Miss St being the other two teams that are ranked. Anyone who believes an undefeated Boise St team (which they should be undefeated based off who they play) deserves to play for a national title over a one loss Bama, LSU, or Auburn (who all play one another every year) is retarded. Absolutely 100% retarded.

    Next, the discussion that “no one wants to play Boise” is old too. What’s the incentive to play them if you’re Alabama or Oklahoma or Ohio State? If you win, big deal – you were supposed to. But if you lose, it looks terrible for your program – It’s a lose/lose scenario for any major program. And besides that, like mentioned above by Jacob and Todd C, Boise wants a home and home. News flash Boise – No major program wants to come play in front of your 32,000 seat stadium. It’s great that all 35,000 people in the State of Idaho come to your games b/c there’s nothing else to do in Idaho, but it’d take 3 of your stadiums to match an Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina Ohio St, or Michigan home game. Finally, if they want respect, quit acting like a mid major team and wanting money to come play. $900,000 to play Ole Miss – that’s what SEC teams play Sun Belt teams to play them every year. Boise feels like it’s a top 10 program? Well, I guarantee you no top 10 school is getting half that to play anyone during their season. I would love it if Nick Saban would just say f*ck it, and schedule a game with Boise AT Boise (because if they played in Tuscaloosa the argument after the game would be Bama only won because they played at home) – but once again, there’s no incentive for that.

    Boise is good. No doubt. Just be happy where you are. You’re an amazing mid major conference team. No doubt the best. But you couldn’t/can’t compete in the SEC or Big 12 or Big 10. Boise is an 8-4 team in the SEC at BEST playing in the Liberty Bowl against Tulsa. Instead, you wreck shop in your conference and get to go to a BCS bowl. What do you have to bitch about honestly?

    It may not be “fair” that you have to play in the WAC and be compared to teams from the SEC and the Big 12 and Big 10, but that’s how the system works. Scheduling an SEC team is a step in the right direction, but Ole Miss will actually weaken your schedule because they aren’t going to be ranked next year when you play them. And I’m willing to guess that the only reason they scheduled you is because Houston has ties to Boise State. So next year enjoy your $900k and staring at the hot babes in the grove because they definitely don’t make them like that up in Idaho.


    • Posted by Suck it tool on October 22, 2010 at 7:59 pm

      Just continue to hide behind your failing and flawed BCS rankings, next year BSU and the Mt west will be a big 6 confrence… what will your arguement be then? STFU.


  5. Posted by Todd T on October 20, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    First let me start by saying you must be a bitter Hog fan. It must suck to be a fan of an overhyped team that can’t compete with the big boys of the SEC. On to your remark about ” no one thinks they can compete….”. Really? Do you watch college football shows? Some of people think they are the best team in country. But I’m sure they don’t know what they are talking about. Espn just pays a bunch of idiots a lot of money to talk about things they know nothing about. Point in case, Kirk Herbstreit who picked Auburn to win the SEC west at the beginning of the year. Man that guy is a retard!!!

    To my point about no one wanting to play Boise, did you read the article? That is exactly what I said. Tennessee, Alabama and Texas shouldn’t play them. No reason to do so and there is no reason for Boise to play them.

    Then you go on a rant about the SEC west being the best division in the best conference and then dog Boise for scheduling an away game with one of the teams in that very division. They get paid $900,000 to go and kick the shit out of ole miss, sounds like a winning proposition to me. Ole Miss is the one who signed the check, not Boise’s fault.

    Not once did I say they should play over a one loss Alabama or that they are better than Alabama, Auburn or Ohio State. But in the current system they may make it anyway and they can do so without having to be “better” than them. At least we don’t think they are better but we will never know because they aren’t going to play each other

    Lastly you said that Boise can’t compete in SEC and is at best an 8-4 team. Well that’s what Arkansas is year in and year out. Maybe they should move to WAC, go undefeated and play for title. Looks like that’s their only chance at it.


  6. Posted by Professor B on October 20, 2010 at 2:13 pm

    I just have to say again… In my opinion, we will never have a true college champion until we have some form of a playoff bracket. It’s football, anyone can lose. As Chris Berman says “that’s why we play the games.” I would love to see the upsets that could happen with an eight team bracket. On any given Saturday (or in any given bowl game), a team ranked 8th can upset a 1st ranked team. Just think how awesome “January Madness” could be.


  7. Posted by Hawgfan100 on October 20, 2010 at 9:42 pm

    Got to have a playoff. I prefer Wetzel’s 16-Team playoff (11 conference champs supplemented by five at-large selections). Check out his book: “Death to the BCS: The Definitive Case Against the Bowl Championship Series” which was just released in time for the first BCS rankings this year. Some real good info from what I’ve seen so far.


    • I think that type of playoff would be pretty cool. I wrote something similar back in ’08. Here is a document that shows what that type of playoff would have looked liked in 2008.


      • Posted by Hawgfan100 on October 21, 2010 at 9:37 am

        Exactly! There were some damn fine match-ups in your brackets. I don’t believe I would have missed even one game, unlike the bloated bowl season we have now where I won’t watch a third or more of the ‘games’. Sucks that we could have great football like that every year except the Cartel won’t let go of their control.


  8. Posted by Suck It Boise on October 20, 2010 at 10:48 pm

    I am a hog fan, but not bitter. Not sure what that has to do with your Boise article but while we’re on it. We lost to the two teams we should have lost to at this point. Granted, I wished we would have won and we had Alabama on the ropes and should have won seeing that we had them down 20-7 in the third quarter. However, we blew it and Bama beat us. Then we lost to Auburn and yeah there were a couple very controversial calls and I think everyone agrees about that. Those calls resulted directly in 2 touchdowns for Auburn, with the second one changing the entire momentum of the game. We fell apart. I’m not saying we lost because of the calls, but those penalties definitely hurt our chances. Auburn is good. Gus Malzahn is a genius and Cameron Newton is unbelievably good.

    I don’t know that I’d say we are overrated either. Aside from South Carolina, no one has played Bama as good as we did. And we went into Auburn as 3.5 point dogs, while LSU who is ranked 6th comes in at 6.5 point dogs. So that indicates we are respected. Were we overhyped coming in to the season? Absolutely. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think you can argue the SEC West is not the toughest division in the country this year. We’ve lost to the two top teams in that division so I don’t think we are some extremely overrated team. We could easily finish 10-2 or 9-3 (I know that requires us beating both SC and LSU or at least one of them). Or (and more than likely) we could finish 8-4 just like you said.

    I don’t recall saying “no one thinks they can compete” if I did I was mistaken. I know that lots of analysts think they should play for the national title, I never said they didn’t. I said personally, they couldn’t compete in the SEC. Boise makes for a great discussion. That’s why all the ESPN people love talking about it because it leads to discussions and arguments like we are having right now.

    I wasn’t dogging them for scheduling Ole Miss either. I said that was a step in the right direction and to enjoy your $900k and the ole miss girls. I have no doubt that they will slaughter Houston and Ole Miss. I was actually dogging Ole Miss by saying Ole Miss wouldn’t be ranked and playing them would actually weaken their schedule.

    I wasn’t attacking you personally, I just merely responded with my thoughts on Boise playing for the national title. It has nothing to do with me being a Hog fan so I don’t even know why that was brought up. I actually agree with a lot of things you said including the playoff system. I’m all for it. I’m just not for Boise playing for the national title under the current system.


  9. Posted by Todd T on October 21, 2010 at 8:00 am

    I didn’t take what you said personally and I hope it didn’t come across that way. The only reason I brought the point about you being hog is that most fans of BCS schools do not think Boise deserves at least a shot. Now if Boise had gone 7-5 the last ten years and all of sudden they were undefeated, I think we would agree they don’t deserve it. That being said if they end undefeated and Oregon has no losses and Bama or Auburn have one loss then Boise may be left out with at least a good reason to do so.

    I don’t think they would go undefeated in SEC either but my point is they dont have to. The SEC from top to bottom is the toughest conference in the country. But that doesn’t mean a school from the WAC cant be at least as good as their best team. After all college football is nothing more than a group of 18-22 year olds trying to beat another group of 18-22 year olds. You can’t say one is not as good just because of who they play or the school they play for. Boise returned 20 of 22 starters from an undefeated team.

    I guess we could go back and forth but my only point is that if they go undefeated you have to seriously look at them. If they make the game it will at least be interesting to see how they do.

    *side note* I only call out the hogs because a lot of their fans think national title or bust. If you are not the unreasonable hog fan then i apologize. The hogs are an above average SEC team. Nothing wrong with that at all.


  10. I would argue that Boise St could win the SEC East this year, but I would put them in the lower half of the SEC West.


  11. Posted by Todd T on October 21, 2010 at 8:17 am

    I think this year they would end up with one maybe two losses if they played in the West


    • I’d give em a loss against Alabama & Auburn for sure. Then I’d put money on 2 out of 3 between Ark, LSU & South Car beating them.


      • Posted by Warzecha on October 21, 2010 at 9:49 am

        I don’t know about that. I think that is disrespecting how good Boise is. I say they likely lose three at most. They are better than Arkansas just plain and simple, and I tend to overrate the Hogs, too.

        You could be right, but I have no problem saying that Boise State is a legit Top 10 team. Should they get the privilege of playing for the title? In my opinion, only if the big boys don’t make use of their opportunities to show that they deserve it for themselves.

        I do think that a 1-loss SEC team should get the nod over the Broncos though given the strength of the conference and the inherent hurdle of the SECCG. The only other conference good enough this year to be in that group is the Big Ten, but given that the two best teams in the conference (OSU/MSU) don’t play each other and there is not a BTCG until next season, I think I’d respect undefeated Boise over a 1-loss Ohio State or Michigan State.


  12. Posted by Suck It Boise on October 21, 2010 at 10:47 am

    I hope my response last night shows that I’m not an unreasonable hog fan. And you are right about most of them, national title or bust. And some people are even throwing in the towel for this season which is ridiculous. Look, at the start of the season best case scenario for how we finish was me and my friends booking a flight to Tempe in January and playing golf for a couple days on the sweet golf courses in Arizona then watching the Hogs play for a national title. But realistically, all I wanted was 10-2 and somehow, someway, end up in New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl. Now a lot has to happen for that to actually play out since we’re behind Bama, Auburn, and LSU in the West. There is talk however, that since the SEC east is so terrible (which is true), that if the winner of the SEC championship is from the West, then whoever finishes second in the West could still get a Sugar Bowl invite (assuming the SEC Champion plays for the national title).

    Seriously, here is my biggest problem with Boise, I heard at the beginning of this season a few stats about Boise and that is why I’m so against them being compared to the top teams from the major conferences. Those stats are:

    In the last 8 years they’re 84-4 against non-BCS teams and 6-7 against BCS teams.
    They are 2-4 in their last 6 mid tier bowl games with losses to ECU, BC, TCU, and Louisville.

    I know that goes back to their scheduling and in the conference they play in, and that its hard to get people to play them, ect – but the stat that jumps out and that they can’t deny is the 6-7 against BCS teams over the past 8 years. When they’ve had their chances against top opponents they are sub .500 out of 13 games.

    Numbers never lie and I know they are an exciting team to watch and they make for great conversation obviously, but based off that record I think playing the schools in the SEC and Big 12 or Big 10 week in and week out they are just another mid level team in those conferences. And mid level teams from those conferences are never even discussed in national title conversations.


    • Posted by Todd T on October 21, 2010 at 1:18 pm

      I believe you are not unreasonable and I respect that. A 10-2 season with a Sugar Bowl appearance is possible and I think that would be a great season.


  13. Boise St. Get a legit stadium and take the offers on neutral sites. (all of them like ‘Nebraska’ for the 3 year deal) Sometimes earning respect has to be done in a not so ideal fashion. Your conference is horrible so you have to play legitamite opponents pre-conference. I mean you guys essentially have a Bye week every week you play a conf. opponent. How can we take you seriously. Until you put your dicks out there and take every legit offer you get you wont be respected. Big programs have nothing to gain from playing you in Boise. Legit programs could fill your 30k stadium with their traveling fans. Sorry your big game flopped for you this year. I hope yall get a legit bowl this year against a legit opponent. I even hope you win. Maybe then you will be able to have the swagger and confidence to take every legit offer you get. You cant act innocent when you say no to worthy and better opponents. Kick yourselves not everyone else for not being respected. Great teams win on Neutral sites and on the road so get used to it if you want to be in that category. Until you do that every major conference will continue to believe you will get your teeth kicked in by them. Come play in the SEC or BIG 12 or BIG 10 on a weekly basis and you are proven to be the average team you are. Sincerely, A football fan who hopes Boise can prove me wrong.


  14. Posted by Hawgfan100 on October 21, 2010 at 12:37 pm

    “Numbers never lie…”

    Sure they do. It’s all in how they’re presented and/or interpreted. For instance: you say the stat which jumps out at you is Boise’s 6-7 record over the past 8 seasons vs. BCS teams. But that is misleading. Boise has really only been in the discussion for the MNC since Petersen’s arrival in 2006. And since then Boise is 6-1 vs. BCS teams.


    • Posted by Todd T on October 21, 2010 at 1:14 pm

      You just stole my thunder. That is exactly what I was going to say.

      BA – You said that Boise needs to step up and play neutral field games. Well they did just that this year and beat VA Tech at a stadium full of their fans. Now are they going to do that four times a year? No they are not and like I said before they don’t have to. They spent the past years getting the writers and coaches respect which is all they need to make it in college football. They don’t care if they get anybody elses because we don’t get a say in it. If they can schedule one or two BCS schools a year that they can beat – well then that’s all they need. I would figure the AD at Boise probably spends time thinking about which BCS schools that have a decent name will be down in the next few years. He then goes out and tries to schedule them. He is basically working the system against itself because the computers and coaches think “BCS win” means that beat a really good school. There is too much value placed on the name of the team and not the quality of the team.

      Look the BCS could have killed this conversation last year by changing the BCS matchups. They put the two best “mid-major” teams in TCU and Boise up against each other. They could have put Boise in the game against Florida and see how they did. They didn’t do that because they want them in the title game conversation just to spark interest. If Boise would have gotten destroyed then we all would know they were imposters, conversation over. They win and we all know they are for real, conversation over. The controversy is what keeps the BCS going.


      • Posted by Suck It Boise on October 21, 2010 at 2:37 pm

        Very solid point on their record under Peterson. Didn’t know when he took over. But then the argument is, they don’t wince convincingly enough since their margins of victory are so close against those BCS teams except for Oregon State in ’06 who they did actually blow out. I’m KIDDING – a win is a win. I’m not that anti-Boise…Ha.

        And I agree that the BCS had their chance last year but chickened out by pitting Boise vs. TCU again. I would have loved to see TCU and Boise both play major conference teams so like you said, so we would actually know more about them.


        • Posted by Hawgfan100 on October 21, 2010 at 2:51 pm

          Yeah, I was sorely disappointed in the BCS with that match-up. It’s not like I need more reasons to be disappointed with them either! ;^)


  15. Posted by Hawgfan100 on October 21, 2010 at 12:59 pm

    “Boise St. Get a legit stadium and take the offers on neutral sites. (all of them like ‘Nebraska’ for the 3 year deal)”

    Why should Boise take deals other teams would pass on?

    “Sometimes earning respect has to be done in a not so ideal fashion.”

    Boise has been earning respect under “not so ideal fashion” since 2006 and performing every reasonable requirement in great fashion. It’s time they got their shot. Unless you want to admit that for everyone not in the AQ conferences, the promised shot at the MNC is indeed just that: mythical.


    • VA Tech got beat by James Madison. Can we just squash that victory which I stated earlier. If you want to claim that as a big win for Boise then that wraps up the respect level of their program. Pretty sure I stated I wanted to see them in the Championship and see them win did I not? Until it happens and they prove themselves which they have yet to do it should not be an argument. You can boo hoo all you want about it but I simply stated the reasons they do not receive their shot. Its a pure fact and if you have to go back and see your ‘college football shows’ preseason they said the same things I stated. Yes the stadium issue is a HUGE argument because it forces them to play REAL programs on a neutral site because they are not able to support the fan base of both teams. College football is all about money folks just like anything else. Its hard to market a team in the middle of nowhere with a lack of resources that no one likes out of that area. I really wish some conf. PAC 10 or better would pick them up so they could be off of the radar due to their mediocre status year in and year out with decent competition. Yes their shot is completely Mythical. BOISE STATE IS NOT MARKETABLE ENOUGH TO PLAY IN THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Boise would have 25k fans there. Get real. Why would the BCS blow their load when they could have Auburn vs. OU or BAMA vs. Texas or you get the point. Ha just typing that made me laugh and think you guys are complete morons even more.


  16. Posted by Hawgfan100 on October 22, 2010 at 2:36 am

    “VA Tech got beat by James Madison. Can we just squash that victory which I stated earlier.”

    No, you can’t. VT is undefeated in conference play and is on track to play for their conference championship. Should they finish even as runner-up in the ACC, that early victory by Boise gets back much of its lost luster.

    “…and they prove themselves which they have yet to do it should not be an argument.”

    But they have proved themselves and so there will continue to be an argument. You can boo hoo about it all you want but…you know the rest.

    “I really wish some conf. PAC 10 or better would pick them up so they could be off of the radar due to their mediocre status year in and year out with decent competition.”

    I do too. Its the only way we’ll ever know for sure if they’d actually live down to the poor expectations/scorn you and so many others heap on them. I sincerely doubt it.

    “Yes their shot is completely Mythical.”

    I tend to agree with you on this but not for even remotely the same reason.

    “Ha just typing that made me laugh and think you guys are complete morons even more.”

    Play nice now or I won’t.


  17. Posted by BA on October 24, 2010 at 5:03 pm

    VA Tech plays in the ACC buddy boy. Cupcake. Yes you are a moron. Ill admit I am a moron if they even get in the National Title game or win their bowl game if its vs. Oregon or an SEC team. And once again VA Tech lost to James Madison. If you truly believe that will not factor into their postseason affairs yes you are a complete MORON. Once again good luck putting Boise in the Championship when the SEC winner and Oregon matchup. Not marketable enough. No money in it for the moneymakers comparitively to those 2 clubs. Just imagine if the premiere Nike school is in the picture for the championship. Dream on. Get a life and pick a better team to feel sorry for. You cant win this argument as you proved in your last post agreeing with me on some issues and not debating the most important issues. Suck it Boise. What a waste of space, air and conversation. I do love their coach. See, I do have some compassion and understanding. Factual reasons are what I am bringing to the table so sit and eat.


  18. Posted by Hawgfan100 on October 24, 2010 at 6:21 pm

    Well, Dickhead, VT is #25 in last week’s BCS standings. Not cupcake and not too bad for team which lost to James Madison. While the ACC isn’t even close to the SEC, they’re not cupcake either (for instance, they routinely play better non-conference games than teams in the SEC).

    Unless the BCS goes over completely to obvious hypocrisy, they’ll find some other reason to disqualify Boise from a spot in the MNC. Stadium size and money won’t be the reason. That was one of the ‘most important issues’ you said I failed to address, yes? I didn’t address it because it didn’t deserve to be addressed. Boise does get the occasional ‘REAL’ team to play them on the Smurf Turf. You know, like Oregon, this week’s new #1 in the BCS. Unfortunately, most other ‘REAL’ teams shy away from making the trip.

    I don’t feel sorry for Boise. I have respect for them (something you obviously know nothing about) and despise the injustice and hypocrisy they have to deal with on a constant basis. It will be interesting to see how they do as the new #2 in the BCS.

    We’ll see if I can win this argument or not and shortly, I imagine. Especially if you can’t do any better than you’ve done so far, Dickhead.

    “Factual reasons are what I am bringing to the table so sit and eat.”

    I believe I’ll pass as you set a very skimpy table indeed.


  19. Posted by BA on October 24, 2010 at 9:01 pm

    When your conference consists of the best teams of course your non – conference games will not be as tough. You play the best of the best in the SEC every week. Once again, Moronic point. Read between the lines and think before you post your garbage arguments. Boise St. hasnt played Oregon this year have they? No sure havent. Once again, Virginia Tech has not won one game that proves they are good. Looking at the schedule right now and they havent proved a thing. Name one. They have a pretty embarrassing loss that proves alot to anyone who knows anything about football. Once again the size of the stadium is a huge factor. Your calling college football analysts dumb since that was their point. Please attempt to argue the fact that there are about 20 different football programs the BCS would pick to be in the national title game for marketing and monetary purposes over Boise. Of course just looking at paper without anyone playing a game yet. I might even move that number to 30-40 football programs. Your a freaking moron and naive if you think that is not part of the decision making process for all bowls. Who can we get that will travel well, have tons of viewers and make us the most money possible? Everything revolves around money my friend. We just saw a great example of the lack of respect other teams and other conferences get when it comes to an SEC comparison. Auburn jumped two spots to #1 because you know why? They play in the SEC and play a legit opponent 9 or 10 games every year. The SEC is always strong compared to other conferences like the PAC 10 and ACC that fluctuate on a yearly basis. Once again until Boise State plays a couple proven opponents in a year they will never play in the title game. VA Tech has a great reputation for what their program has been in the past but sorry buddy that team they have this year is nothing to brag about and neither is the ACC this year. Oregon State sucks too so dont even bring that one up. This argument has been won for a long time so keep cheering for a team that wont have respect until the things I have stated they need to do have been done. Go crawl back in your meth-head pocket of Arkansas, dream about Houston Nutt running the draw and call in to Drive Time Sports every afternoon so all of us can have someone to make fun of while your spreading your ignorance over the air. This is the last post I promise because you obviously dont know shit and I give respect where respect is due. I like the dickhead touch, I got your blood boiling a little bit. The only thing that makes me even consider you being a decent human is that you are a Hog fan. Hopefully you got some good laughs out of it as I did. Ill ice down some beer for you on Saturday come and find me. Look at that no name calling. I am really not a piece of shit in real life but I can see why people get so addicted to venting on these message boards. Best place a coward can hide and say whatever he wants. One more point. As we rip the BCS apart by them supposedly screwing Boise State year in and year out we look to them to determine the rankings of these teams we talk about like VA TECH. The first 5 and last 5 spots of that poll are usually wrong and uncertain. Take a look at where VA TECH stands on that poll and look at their schedule. Not a top 25 team.


  20. Posted by Hawgfan100 on October 24, 2010 at 11:27 pm

    The SEC purports to be the best. That would mean in non-conference as well, yes? Not the case though, is it?

    Your comment about getting ‘REAL’ teams to play in Boise didn’t specify this year or any year for that matter. Nice try, Dickhead.

    VT has been so unimpressive that they’re ranked in the BCS. Again, nice try…Dickhead. [That’s the second and last one for this post. Yeah. Really got my blood boiling. So hot I made a point to match you ad hominem for ad hominem…you knock it off and I will.]

    Sure money is a major factor in college athletics, especially football. However, this is only supposed to apply to the non-BCS bowls since the BCS bowls are held at neutral sites.

    Boise got jumped because they didn’t play this week. I’m waiting for the Iron Bowl as I don’t see ol piss or Georgia beating Auburn. What happens if Bama does? Do they get a pass to that coveted second slot? Even if Boise kills their opponent by beau coup points, as they typically do? Isn’t that disingenuous at best? Giving your dictionary a work out yet?

    I don’t live in Arkansas or anywhere else that could be described as a ‘meth-head pocket’, don’t support or like Nutter, and don’t waste my time calling into talk shows of any kind.

    While I’m no big fan of the way the BCS determines the MNC, their rankings are as good as anyone else’s to determine a Top 25. Not buying this ‘flawed at the top and bottom’ bs.

    Oh yeah. check with your kids (or someone else’s) and see if they can’t show you how to form proper paragraphs.


  21. Posted by Professor B on October 25, 2010 at 8:44 am

    Well, I think that just about covers that. I see we all agree.


  22. Ha what a cocksmash. What an idiot. You have proven your ignorance by trying to make an english lesson out of a message board. I use proper english, language and style when needed for my career or when I was earning my degree in college you fucking retard. I dont have kids and I am embarrassed I have fallen into this loser world of posting on message boards since it is obviously for old washed up deuce bags with kids and zero social life. Get some imagination and style when it comes to name calling. ‘Dickhead’ lost its swagger in the 80’s when you lost all hope of having a decent life. Good luck in your tough game vs. LA Tech tomorrow. When you play 8-10 games a year in conference that are tougher than any game Boise State plays in a year then I think your non-conference games dont have to be worth a shit. Your just so fucking stupid. Boise State has played ONE questionably good team in the top 25. Ill even give them 2 since Oregon State was in the top 25 at one point. Count the teams that are ranked or have been ranked this year that SEC teams have played. I can argue it is unfair for teams like Auburn who have beaten a ranked Arkansas, Miss St., LSU, and South Carolina and still have to play Bama who will prob beat them. You are just so dumb if you really think a team that wins the SEC is equally as worthy as a Boise State club that may play 1 or 2 tough games a year. Or a Big 12, Big 10 or Pac 10 program


  23. I don’t think @Hawgfan100 or @BA should be making fun of anyone’s intelligence when neither of them can figure out how to use the “reply” link when posting. 🙂


    • Posted by Hawgfan100 on October 25, 2010 at 3:07 pm

      You mean like this? ;^)

      Not replying to Dickhead as I see he broke his word, in typical troll fashion, on not making any further posts on our thread.


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