Time For A Change In Dallas – My Thoughts & Prediction


Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Wade Phillips


Its been tough for us Cowboy fans so far this year. A team with so much talent, so much hype, so much promise and its being squandered away. Before the season started, I had dreams of watching the Cowboys play in the Super Bowl. Right there in “Jerry’s Dome“, a Super Bowl home game that no fan would want to miss.
Then The Season Started
Right off the bat we lose a divisional game. Then another loss to a Bears team that may be better then expected, but a game I thought we would win. Then a surprise win against a Texans team that looked really good the first two weeks. Next the Cowboys rolled off two close losses to two tough teams. And that is how you start off 1-4.

My Thoughts
This team is making too many mental mistakes and something has to be done about it. Whether its touchdown celebrations, pass interference or false starts this team is committing way too many penalties. They are either first or tied for first in avg penalty yard per game and avg penalties per game. There is too much talent on this team to be committing so many penalties. It is time for a change and this is what I want to see happen.

Step 1 – Fire Wade Phillips
The players have to take some of the blame for this horrible start, but you can’t fire the whole team. So first things first, get rid of Phillips. The Cowboys have done nothing but underachieve since he took over as head coach. This might not surprise you, but Jerry Jones could have fired Wade Phillips two years ago and I wouldn’t have been upset.

Step 2 – Make Jason Garrett Interim Head Coach
Lets get things straight, I’m not a Jason Garrett lover. The offense has looked really good at times over the last few years, but with all that talent its suppose to look really good. Now, you’re probably asking “Why do you want Garrett as the head coach if you’re not that confident in him?“. Do you remember when they hired Garrett? Jerry Jones made him the offensive coordinator before he even hired a head coach. For a while it looked like Jones was gonna end up giving the head coaching position to Garrett. It was as if Jerry Jones had some sort of love affair for Jason Garrett. Because of this I’m afraid that Jerry Jones will wait until the end of the year to fire Wade Phillips and at that point he will make Jason Garrett the new head coach. I don’t want Jason Garrett to be the next head coach. My thought/plan is for Garrett to become the interim head coach mid-season and allow him to either succeed or fail now. It would be a shame to make Garrett a head coach at the end of the year when he hasn’t proven he can be a consistently good offensive coordinator. If he succeeds, then great.  I’ll feel a lot better next year when training camp starts. If he fails, then we can wash our hands of Phillips/Garrett and go after a big time coach.
Step 3 – Do Not Promote Jason Garrett To Head Coach
Like I stated above, I don’t think Jason Garrett will make a great head coach. Again, he has yet to prove anything as an offensive coordinator/asst head coach. This team is full of talent on the offensive side of the ball. Maybe the best wide receiver corps in football, a pro-bowl tight end, talented quarterback and a great 1-2 punch in the backfield. Even with all these great players the Cowboys continue to underachieve. They should be setting offensive records, not sitting at the bottom of the NFC East. Even if Dallas had the worst defense ever, the weapons they have on offense should be enough for them be a .500 team.

Step 4 – Hire John Gruden or Bill Cowher
Jerry Jones likes to make a splash and this off season he could make a big one. Remember T.O, Tank Williams & Pacman? Now its time to make a positive splash that is bigger then all 3 of them combined. Teams have been trying to attract both Cowher and Gruden since they stepped away from coaching. Bringing in a no-nonsense, in-your-face, don’t take no crap from nobody and tough guy attitude could possibly be just what this team needs. Somebody to tell em how it is and make them work their butts off. Do you think Cowher or Gruden is gonna let their team lead the league in penalties? Doubtful.  And if they do, its because we’re beating the crap out of everyone. So it starts today, I am officially on the “Fire Phillips/Garrett and bring in either Cowher or Gruden” bandwagon. Feel free to jump on and come along for the ride.
– Jacob –


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  1. Posted by Hawgfan100 on October 19, 2010 at 10:50 am

    It pains me to say it but we need a new coach. I’m with Jerry in that making a major change like this will only prove more detrimental to the team EXCEPT I don’t see anything making the ‘Boys play any worse than they already are. I hate that it has to come during the season but it might just shake the team out of this under-achieving, undisciplined funk they’ve fallen into. However, I don’t really think Jerry will make the change until the season is over…

    Unless…either Gruden or Cowher were to prove unusually receptive to any overtures he throws their way. I don’t see either of them changing their current gigs any time soon but I could be wrong. Have either of them said or done anything to make anyone think differently?

    The season can still be salvaged but the team needs an instant infusion of leadership and coaching for that to happen.


    • Reports have indicated that Cowher would be unlikely to agree to work for someone as involved and authoritative as Jerry. Also, it seems more and more like the Carolina job will be open next season, and he has also been linked to that job a lot because that is where he and his family have a home.

      Gruden, who knows. But I would bet everything I have on the fact that neither of these guys would take over the Cowboys in the middle of the season. If Wade gets the axe, it will certainly be Garrett who will take the reigns for the rest of 2010.


  2. Posted by 001001 on October 19, 2010 at 1:03 pm

    This post is very amateurish and borderline ridiculous. You can’t just simply fire Wade Phillips because he is not only the head coach, but he is the Defensive Coordinator as well. It would be completely illogical to fire Wade at this point in the season. Also, I can tell that you aren’t even a true Cowboys fan since you have completely given up hope in this organization.


    • Posted by tom tom on October 19, 2010 at 2:12 pm

      Just because Wade is defense coordinator doesn’t mean you can’t fire him. Promote someone from within to fulfill that role or even demote Wade to DC. Point is, Jerry can do whatever he wants, and I agree with this post because the season is already lost, so let’s see what Garrett can do and use the remaining games to evaluate him as a potential head coach.

      Also, when did being rational and/or a realist mean you aren’t a true Cowboys fan? Oh I see, we have to blindly follow and agree to every decision the Cowboys make as an organization otherwise we’re not “true” fans? What an amateurish and nonsensical argument.


  3. Posted by Lila Ann on October 19, 2010 at 2:24 pm

    No ths is not a good plan first of all JERRY will not give up his power as GM and i think GRUDEN OR COWHER will not tolerate JJ interference second of all we don’t need a DB what we need is an O-LINEMAN don’t u all get it? thirdly firing WADE and promotiing GARRETT is DISASTROUS even WORSE! What we need right now is TRADING for an 0-LINEMAN OR A SAFETY…..Look our SEASON might not even be SALVAGABLE at this point however we can at least improve our 0-line position and give us a chance to start WINNING! Now as for firing WADE its not gonna happen at least this SEASON JJ made that very clear. Also another BIG PROBLEM in big D is our GM no HC wants to COACH this team b/c of JERRY JONES and as long as he has CONTROL we will not get a QUALITY TOUGH TYPE OF COACH PERIOD!!!!!!! We will just have to wait until the SEASONS over in order for this ORGANIZATION to sort out this WHOLE MESS!!!!


    • “No ths is not a good plan”
      – You’re saying that firing Wade Phillips and hiring either Cowher or Gruden is not a good plan? Really?

      “promotiing GARRETT is DISASTROUS even WORSE!”
      – You obviously didn’t read the whole article. Here are two sentences you must have missed.
      From the article: “… I’m afraid that Jerry Jones will wait until the end of the year to fire Wade Phillips and at that point he will make Jason Garrett the new head coach. I don’t want Jason Garrett to be the next head coach.”


  4. I didn’t write this post but since it will show up as Illegal Shift, I thought i would clarify. I don’t think he was saying he has given up on the organization more like this season and Wade as a head coach. You are correct that getting rid of Wade would be hard since he is the defensive coordinator but just like coordinators get fired during the season and replaced by position coaches, the same could apply here…despite not being advantegous. Saying someone is not a true fan because they have given up on the season is incorrect. What makes someone a true fan is their beliefs in a team, positive or negative. You are a true fan because you still believe there is hope. Some may accuse you of being a complete homer. I see positivity in that and hope you are correct. He thinks that it can’t be corrected and change should be made immediately. I believe this post was written as an opinion of how to fix it. Right or wrong it’s an option and probably not that ridiculous since coaches do get fired during the season. I would ask that you provide your option of how to better the situation while accusing others of being ridiculous.


  5. very good article!


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  7. Posted by Jherarrd on October 19, 2010 at 5:13 pm

    The steps you mentioned are the tip of the ice berg the coaching staff must change for the better,the cowboys must fill in those caps on the 0-line and secondary and get a (G.M.),don’t get me wrong Jerry Jones is a terrific owner who is on the filed working with his players,but he needs to stay in the owners box and let someone with football experience run his team and pick his head coaches and staff. When Bill Parcels became the head coach he brought in the talent Romo,Austin,Witten,Barber,Ware,Newman parcels is very far form a yes man, Jerry Jones has only two players out of the 09 draft class he selected that’s currently on the roster he passed on (Chris Johnson) wasted picks on back up players instead of fixing the 0-line and Secondary,whats the point if John Gruden or Bill Cowher are head coaches when the owner is making all the choices? he is slowly Killing this team.


  8. Posted by C Manack on October 20, 2010 at 11:36 pm

    Neither Cowher nor gruden would ever work for Jerry. Neither would stoops or any other big name class act coach that has been suggested in the past. The appeal of the cowboys head coach position has gone from lucrative to lousy. As long as jj is here, we will only have a puppet for a coach.


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