NFL Week 6 Quarterback Fantasy Picks

Wanna win this week in fantasy football? Pay attention.

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  1. Ben Roethlisberger – Ben’s been chomping at the bit for this game. I’d start him if it were against the Ravens or Jets. It’s just icing on the cake that the Steelers are playing Cleveland. At home. Look for Ben to have free reign to get his bearings back. I think he tosses a TD to each of Hines Ward, Mike Wallace, and Heath Miller.
  2. Vince Young– Last week Illegal Shift brought you Harvard grad Ryan Fitzpatrick as the fantasy sleeper QB of the week. How’d that turn out? It turned out great! 220 yards and 3 TDs great. But he’s still a free agent in your league!!?? Well, that is because he kind of sucks. But luckily, no one sucks more than the Jacksonville pass defense, so last week he excelled. VY is coming off a really nice performance on the road against the Cowboys and into the warm, accepting arms of the Jaguars defense. I’m starting him over Matt Schaub…but I guess these days that isn’t much of a shocker, now is it?
  3. Brett Favre – I was more or less wrong about Favre last week when I confidently proclaimed that his MNF hype should not be purchased. I say more or less because although he put up nice fantasy numbers, I still felt like he looked like Drew Bledsoe vintage 2007 at least half the time. Nevertheless, he’s got Moss now and apparently that is a major help to Percy Harvin as well. And he’s playing at home against what I, despite my best efforts, cannot refer to as anything but a mediocre Dallas secondary. He’ll put up pretty good numbers and he’s worth a start if you don’t have a sure-fire stud QB.

Three guys to stay away from this week

  1. Matt Schaub – What else can I say? I mean if your commissioner and my commissioner will allow it, I’ll trade you Schaub for…I don’t know…Bernard Berrian? That goes for two of you as I have him in both my leagues. Kansas City has only allowed 14.3 points per game this season and just made Peyton Manning look as bad as I’ve ever seen. After giving us three single-digit outputs so far this season, all we can really do is hope and pray. I just don’t think this is the week he gets it together.
  2. Matt Ryan – The Eagles defense is good and that is who Ryan goes up against this week. Ryan has also historically played poorly on the road, which is where is is going to be on Sunday. If I know this, his coaches know this, and will more than likely try to ride Michael Turner for as long as they can. Stay away from him this week if you can help it.
  3. Mark Sanchez – I guess I should have just said that if his name starts with an “M” he’s completely untrustworthy this week. Sanchez has really come on and has actually been one of our “put em in” guys more than once recently. Last week against Minnesota, Sanchez put the ball in the air 44 times! This week though they play Denver, who has an elite pass defense and a not-so-elite run defense. Not to mention Denver is a sure bet to throw the ball 50+ times in this one. Rex Ryan would much rather rely on his two stud running backs against a weak rush defense, keeping his defense fresh for Kyle Orton, than chance Sanchez getting picked to pieces by the Broncos secondary.

Chad Henne – I know Chad is playing Green Bay, who has a very nice secondary. And I know he’ll do it ion the road too. I also watched him have a not-very-stellar performance in his last game against the Patriots on MNF. However, the Dolphins are coming off of a bye week and I think Henne’s had a chance to look at some film and correct a few mistakes. Also positive to this equation is that Clay Matthews, the NFL sack leader, will not be playing on Sunday. Maybe call it a hunch, but I think Chad puts up Top 10 numbers this week.


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