Erin Andrews, Sideline Reporter

Watching one of the Yankees/Twins games on TBS a thought popped into my head, not an original thought, but one that had surfaced too many times not to comment publicly.  Craig Sager is ridiculous.  Anyone that has watched the MLB playoffs this year or any NBA games on TNT knows what I’m talking about.  His shtick of wearing circus-like suits while sideline/dugout/courtside reporting has worn thin.  This got me thinking again, who is the best sideline reporter in sports?  Why is this relevant?  Think about the great television these reporters capture like Tracy Wolfson (CBS) getting Les Miles’ definitions of luck or poor Suzy Kolber (ESPN) dealing with the drunken Joe Namath.  They also deliver potentially game-altering injury updates.  I know when Joe Buck throws it to Pam Oliver (FOX) I definitely pay attention being that there is a chance my fantasy team just went up in smoke due to an injury.  This job is more than just wearing a clown costume or being a pretty face.

That’s where Erin Andrews (ESPN) comes in.  She has reached cult status among college football fans and frat boys around the country.  Her appearances on Dancing With The Stars and Good Morning America have catapulted her into the mainstream beyond just the sports realm.  But does this mean she is a good sideline reporter or just a mainstream hottie?  I’m of the opinion that she’s the best in the sideline reporting biz.  My logic:

  • Professionalism.  She always looks like she could step into a corporate meeting if needed.  This is where Mr. Sager drops the ball.
  • Delivery.  When she’s delivering news during the broadcast she understands the importance of it as any top-tier reporter would when delivering breaking news.  This subtle behavior only adds to the drama and buildup of the game.
  • Likeability.  Pretty self-explanatory.  Please note that I’m talking about her personality…get your mind right fellas.
  • Intelligence.  In this instance I’m speaking to her knowledge of sports.  I’m pretty sure in any sports-related conversation she could dominate with any group of guys.  I would imagine many guys would be in awe of her college football wisdom.
  • Interest.  This might be the most important one.  You get the feeling that Andrews is completely in love with sports and her job.  I’ve noticed sideline reporters in the past that you could tell were only doing this in hopes of landing some other TV job.  I can’t speak to her ambition or goals but it’s pretty apparent that sports is a passion for her.  Passion is contagious.

These traits add up to what I believe make Erin Andrews the best sideline reporter in the game.  There are others with some of these same characteristics but the new Queen of College Football seems to be the complete, reporter package.

Who are your favorites?


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Professor B on October 14, 2010 at 8:29 am

    I agree, and I’ve always like Erin Andrews. Do you remember when MNF had a sideline reporter named Melissa Stark? I liked her a lot. She was good for many of the same reasons that you like Andrews…. and coincidentally, she was a hottie too.


  2. I do remember her and thought the exact same thing. Whatever happened to her? She seemed to be a rising star and now she’s off the radar. Good point.


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  4. If this love letter pays off. Then its genius!


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