NFL Games You Do Not Want To Watch October 10th

Usually when people talk about the NFL they rave about it’s parity and how it makes the league so interesting each week. Every team has a chance to win and there is always a good game to watch. All this may be true, but the league’s “parity” can also make for some really bad games. Every year you have a handful of bad teams and some of these teams are good teams with an injury problem. Week 5 of the NFL has these bad teams playing each other this week and I’m not looking forward to it. Lets just see what the NFL has in store for us on Sunday.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Buffalo Bills

Oh, sweet parity this game will make your eyes bleed. If you didn’t know anything about the NFL you might see that both teams are ranked in the bottom 6 in total defense and think “oh yeah, high scoring game here we come“. But then you would realize that both teams rank in the bottom 9 of total offense. Something has got to give here. Can both teams completely suck on offense and defense, against each other? Lets just hope that one of them can score more points then the other so we don’t get stuck with overtime. Anything more then 60 minutes of this game could be considered cruel and unusual punishment.

St Louis Rams at Detroit Lions

Again both of these teams are in the bottom half of the NFL in offense and defense. Two of the most exciting players to watch, Steven Jackson & Jahvid Best are both suffering from injuries and may not play. The Lions have the exciting Calvin Johnson, but Matt Stafford is still out so we get watch Shaun Hill toss the pigskin around. Hill’s guaranteed to throw 2 interceptions and a team isn’t fun to watch when the TE leads the team in receptions and yards (you’ve got Calvin Johnson for crying out loud). Lets all pray that Sam Bradford plays decent and throws to a receiver we’ve actually heard of before.

Chicago Bears at Carolina Panthers

This game will be really bad and I hate to say it, because I’m a fan of Steve Smith, DeAngelo Williams, Matt Forte & Julius Peppers. But here are the problems with liking those players. Steve Smith has wonder boy Jimmy Clausen throwing to him and Clausen has more lost fumbles then touchdowns. Just 1 touchdown to show for his 69 passing attempts and 2 lost fumbles. Don’t worry Jay Cutler is always exciting, right? Except for the fact that he’s injured and being replaced by Todd Collins. Wait, who? Exactly. Collins has been a backup since 1995 and there is a reason for that. He’s had 15 years to get a starting job and only gets a chance when somebody is hurt. Add to that the Matt Forte has rushed for a total of 134 yards this season and things don’t look good.

If you happen to be one of the unlucky people who have to watch one of these games, then my heart goes out to you. Hopefully you have some project around the house that you could finally start on. Maybe your yard needs to be mowed or the dog needs to be walked. If all else fails just take your wife/girlfriend to the mall and let her shop for 3 hours. It might be painful, but it can’t be as bad as watching these games.

Good luck my friends.


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