NFL Week 5 Running Backs Fantasy Picks

Wanna win this week in fantasy football? Pay attention, these are some must and don’t plays at running back in the NFL in week 5.

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Put Em In: Andy

  1. Matt Forte – Todd Collins is starting in place of the injured Jay Cutler.  I know Martz is arrogant enough to think any QB can succeed in his system but not Todd Collins.  Forte should be the focus of the Bears offense.  It may take a lot of carries but he should see the end zone and rack up the receptions as Collins will check down often.
  2. Frank Gore – The Eagles have been horrible against the run and should struggle to contain Gore.  He’s proven to deliver in PPR leagues and will continue the success this week against a team that’s linebackers struggle covering backs.
  3. Maurice Jones-Drew – If you own MJD, rejoice.  He gets the Bills this week.  The Jags would be absolutely foolish not to call his number all game long.

Leave Em Out

  1. DeAngelo Williams – Despite the running game representing all of Carolina’s offensive options, I don’t like Williams this week.  Jonathan Stewart is showing increased production and the Bears have been stout against the run.
  2. Joseph Addai – It’s a little strange to say but the Chiefs defense is #1 in the league against the run.  After years of struggling, they may have righted the ship defensively.  Factoring the #1 rush defense with the Colts favoritism to the pass, I say pass on Addai.
  3. Mike Bell – I know a lot of people rushed out and picked up Bell with the McCoy injury but don’t think that this waiver wire riser is going to yield big results.  The 49ers are decent against the run and are absolutely desperate for a win.

Ryan Torain I know this is contradictory with my Bell statement but I actually like Torain a lot.  He’s clearly a favorite of Shanahan so he should see a good volume of carries.  It may seem like a challenge given his opponent is the Packers but despite their fantasy value as a defense, they’re actually weak against the run.  Throw in the fact that Nick Barnett and Morgan Burnett are out and you’ve got the possibility of a decent day for the Portis replacement.


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  3. Posted by Warzecha on October 8, 2010 at 10:26 am

    Jeez I hope you’re right on Forte. I just “bought low” on him earlier this week and am terrified that he will disappoint me for the rest of the season. I’m having a tough time deciding between him and Thomas Jones (vs. Indy) for my flex spot this week.


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