NFL Week 5 Quarterback Fantasy Picks

Wanna win this week in fantasy football? Pay attention.

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QBs That Will Make You Look Good: Warzecha

  1. Eli Manning – Eli and the G-Men are riding a high after dismantling the previously unbeaten Bears last week and are visiting the Texans on Sunday. Houston is home of the NFL’s worst ranked pass defense. If that isn’t incentive enough for the Giants to throw early and often, starting tailback Ahmad Bradshaw has been sitting out of practice this week with an ankle injury. Nicks, Smith and Manningham will all get involved in this one.
  2. Sam Bradford – Bradford has really been putting up some nice fantasy performances lately. Last week he went for 289 yards, 2 TDs and a pick against Seattle. Granted, Seattle doesn’t defend well against the pass, but guess what? Neither do the winless Lions!! Sam is a safe start this weekend against a pitiful Detroit secondary, and may even be one of the top 3 fantasy QBs this week.
  3. Tony Romo – I expect the Cowboys to win this weekend against the Titans, but I’m not so sure they’ll be able to establish the running game like they want to after supposedly focusing on it during the bye week. However, the week off provided more time for Romo and Dez Bryant to get on the same page. We already know he’s on the same page with Miles Austin, Jason Witten, and apparently even Roy Williams. Dallas teams under Wade Philips have been exceptional in games after a bye week (3-0) and that trand will continue here with Romo having a big day.

Three guys to stay away from this week

  1. Kyle Orton – If you have Orton, you are probably very pleased with yourself given how cheaply you were able to acquire him. However, this week against Baltimore, the best pass defense in the league, is one of his rare tough match ups this season. He’ll get the attempts, and avoid a completely miserable fantasy day based on that alone, but you’d be better served with a couple guys who are likely on your league’ waiver wire like Bradford, Kolb, or’s sleeper QB Ryan Fitzpatrick.
  2. Matt Schaub – You’d think as often as I have him on this list, I would have traded him in one of my leagues by now, but I haven’t. Schaub is going up against a Giants defense ranked number 3 against the pass and he may be without two of his top three targets in Andre Johnson and Jacoby Jones. Both are listed on the Houston injury report as game time decisions. This is a recipe for disaster, unless your name is Arian Foster.
  3. Brett Favre – Yes, Randy Moss is once again a Viking. This may prove to be a shrewd move by Minnesota at some point this season, but this week, against the New York Jets on Monday Night Football is not that point. I know you’re out there. You think that Favre has had dozens of big games on Monday Night Football and this is going to be another one. It’s not. I have a sneaking suspicion its going to be an utter embarrassment for the old man. (Maybe even more embarrassing than these voice recordings and nude pictures have become….

Ryan Fitzpatrick – I know he plays for the Bills. No, seriously I am fully aware. But he is coming off 17 and 23 point performances against the Pats and Jets, respectively. Heck, he RAN for 74 yards last week against the vaunted Jets defense. Buffalo is going up against a Jacksonville Jaguars defense ranked third to last in the league in pass defense and is middle of the road in run defense. You could do a lot worse than starting Fitzy this Sunday. I predict a performance along the lines of 265 yards passing, 2 TDs, 1 INT and 40 yards rushing as an added bonus.


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