NFL Week 4 Fantasy Picks

Wanna win this week in fantasy football? Pay attention.

QBs That Will Make You Look Good: Warzecha

  1. Drew BreesI usually try to pick non-elite guys in my “Start Em” category, and then some higher-tier QBs for the “Sit em.” That way this list is a bit more helpful than if it said start Brees, Manning, and Rodgers, but sit Hasselback, Garrard, and…well you get the point. However, I can’t help but feel that Brees just has an absolute monster game this weekend against the 49ers. All of the Saints’ running backs are hurt or at least dinged, and the team is coming off its first loss since December 2009. Expect a lot of throws and a lot of completions…like even way more than usual.
  2. Mark Sanchez – The “Sanchize” has been red hot over the last two weeks – throwing a six total touchdown passes over that span. The Jets offense finally looks good enough to look the Jets defense in the eye during the week, and it truly is more because of the 2nd-year QB than the running game. This week the Jets will get the lowly Bills and it should be a massacre. Normally that means a lot of running the ball in the second half with a big lead, but I think Sanchez will get his on the way to the lead. I also think Rex Ryan will keep throwing because a) he seems like the kind of guy that likes a good curb-stomping, and b) he wants to keep his young QBs’ confidence on the rise.
  3. Chad Henne – I love Chad. I have since 2005 when he led Michigan to a Big Ten title and the Rose Bowl as a true freshman. But I’ve never loved him as a fantasy start as much as I do this week against New England. He’s coming off a real nice performance – albeit in a loss – last week against the Jets, where he threw for over 350 yards along with two TDs. I expect a shootout-inducing match-up with the Patriots to yield similar results.

Three guys to stay away from this week

  1. Matt Schaub – This opinion pains me because he is the starting QB on both of my fantasy teams, but sometimes you have to trust the numbers. Houston has played Oakland in both of the last two seasons and Schaub has been brutal in those games. He’s averaged under 250 yards passing and only threw one touchdown total. Add to the equation that Andre Johnson will either be sitting this one out or hobbling around on one leg, and it starts to get ugly. Expect a major dose of Arian Foster on the ground in this one.
  2. Joe Flacco – Baltimore Joe looked great last week as he hooked up with Anquan Boldin for three TDs. Don’t expect nearly the same production this week. Baltimore is playing at Pittsburgh. There isn’t really all that much more that needs to be said.
  3. Donovan McNabb – I keep hearing my friends say that I should look for the Redskins to upset the Eagles this weekend. The theory, it seems, is that Donovan is going to swoop down into the “Link” and prove to the City of Brotherly Love that it was wrong for tossing him to the curb – within the division no less. Well….that’s not going to happen. McNabb has yet to throw for more than a single touchdown in any of his first three games, and the Eagles defense is stout. Sure he may complete a couple nice passes to his lone outside threat, Santana Moss, but McNabb is FAR from a viable fantasy option in standard leagues this week. If you’re a Cowboys fan like me, just start someone else and watch the game hoping for massive injuries on both sides.

Vince Young – VY has been hot and cold this season. Look for the hot to return this Sunday against a Josh McDaniels-led Denver Broncos team that makes the offensive philosophies of Andy Reid and Bill Belichek look like that of Bo Schembechler and Woody Hayes. There’s no reason to think Orton won’t throw his obligatory 55 passes against the Titans. This will lengthen the game and probably turn it into a shootout. Chris Johnson should have a nice game as well, but I look for nice yardage and a pair of TDs from Young in this one.

Put Em In: Jacob

  1. LaDainian TomlinsonAfter last week’s performance I’m all in with LT this week. He received more carries and out performed Shonn Greene last week who also suffered an undisclosed injury. The Bills have one of the worst run defenses in the league. Look for 150+ total yards and a TD from LT this week.
  2. Arian Foster – Exploding onto the scene this year with a 100+ and a 200+ yard rushing games you better have him in your lineup. The Texans play the Raiders who have given up an average of 133 yards a game and a touchdown on the ground this year.
  3. Brandon Jackson – First off Green Bay is at home and not very happy about losing to the Bears. The also play the Lions who have the worst run defense in the league. The Lions have given up 450 yards and 5 touchdowns on the ground this year. This game could get ugly.

Maurice Jones-Drew – This pick will all depend on the score of the game. If Peyton and the crew get out to an early lead then it could be a bad day for MJD. But if the Jags keep it close then expect them run MJD all day long.

WRs That Are A Must Start: Thompson

  1. Reggie WayneReggie will be a top projected WR almost every week.  So far he has not produced enough to earn this ranking.  I think that will change this week against a weak Jacksonville secondary.  Wayne was blanketed last week by Champ Bailey but should run wild this week.  Peyton will look his way often this week.  Look for 10 catches, 130 yards and 1 TD.
  2. Donald Driver – Driver doesn’t get the recognition of some of the other stud WR’s but he deserves it.  Green Bay is coming off an ugly loss to Chicago and is facing a weak Detroit defense to get back on track.  They will show no mercy as they try to prove to league they still belong in the Super Bowl conversation.  Donald should rack up 8 catches, 110 yards and at least 1 TD.
  3. Roddy White – Mr. White again makes the list of top wide outs.  The Falcons are going against an inexcusably bad San Francisco team.  San Francisco does have a good defense but the Falcons’ offense is even better.  Roddy is second in the league with 25 catches and
    will continue to put up good numbers this week.  I’ll be surprised is doesn’t get at least 8 catches, 100 yards and 1 TD.

Bench Em

  1. Andre Johnson
  2. Calvin Johnson
  3. Anquan Boldin

Sleeper Pick
Jeremy Maclin – is the new version of Chris Carter, all he does is catch touchdown passes…. Well let’s not get carried away, he’s obviously no CC but 4 of his 11 catches have gone for TD’s. He’s definitely worth starting in your WR/TE flex position.  If the past holds true he should wind up with  4 or 5 catches, 75 yards and 1 TD with good upside for a big play.  Start him and you won’t be sorry.

Team Defenses You Want To Start: Jacob

  1. New York Jets Oh, look its the Bills coming to town right after they released their quarterback. Good times for Jets fans. The Jets defense hasn’t played up to their expectations at this point in the season and Reevis is out again this week. No need to worry though because Buffalo is dead last in total offense. Lets just hope that Ryan Fitzpatrick makes it through the whole game.
  2. Green Bay Packers – There are numerous reasons to like this match up. Only the Ravens have given up less yards then the Packers and their looking for payback after getting beat by the Bears on Monday Night Football. Add to that the Lions will be playing without Matthew Stafford and Jahvid Best is questionable after missing another day of practice. Packers are gonna roll at home and I’m labeling this game with a “Shutout Alert”.
  3. Atlanta Falcons – The Falcons impressed me last week with a win over the Saints. They’re only giving up an average of 15.3 points a game and the 49er offense is struggling. San Francisco has also looked awful on the road this year averaging 8 points a game. Alex Smith has had 3 interceptions and 7 sacks on the road this year. Look for the Falcons to get after him and add to those totals.

New Orleans Saints – The Saints are ranked 22nd in total defense, but they’ve played some tough games. It also helps that the Panthers are coming to town. Expect the Saints to beat up on Clausen has thrown 2 interceptions and has yet to throw a touchdown. Don’t forget Clausen has fumbled 4 times, losing two of em. Saints fans rejoice, because its a perfect week for your defense to show out.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by peoplespigskin on October 1, 2010 at 5:42 pm

    A nice, well-rounded list of picks, folks. I am a little confused, though, about the choice of Maurice Jones-Drew as a “sleeper.” I probably would have to look far and wide for a league in which MJD did NOT get picked in the first round. No, I’m not going to look right now; too tired right now. Anyway, keep up the good work.



    • MJD doesn’t have a 100yd game nor a touchdown this year. The Jags have looked horrible and there is a good chance the Colts are gonna blow them out. If they do get blown out then the Jags won’t be running the ball. Put it all together and you would think MJD wouldn’t have a great game. He’s a sleeper cause if they keep it close then he’ll get his touches.


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