Oregon St Should Focus On The Game and Not The Boise St Blue “Smurf Turf”

The Smurf Turf
Boise St has always been known as “the team with a blue field” and some people think its an advantage. It turns out Oregon St feels the same way. This week an anonymous donor gave the school money so they could paint their practice field blue in preparation for their game against Boise St on Saturday. Aren’t you suppose to prepare for the team and not the field?

Will It Help?
No. Personally, I think it does nothing but get Oregon St some media attention and thats about it. If anything it hurts the Beavers by making them look weak and scared. This is Division I college football, you’ve got more important things to worry about besides the color of the turf. There are 6ft 250lb monsters trying to rip your head off, but you’ve got time to have your practice field painted. What they should be doing is getting their butts out on that practice and getting ready for a really good football team.

To Much Meddling?
What really takes this situation over the edge for me is that all this was the athletic director’s idea. Who also mentioned having the scout team wear blue uniforms to simulate the Broncos. Oregon St is playing an away game against the #3 team in the nation and the athletic director is more worried about painting the field and dressing the scout team. How about you leave the coach alone so he can get his players ready for their game.

Maybe I’m reading to much into this, but to me it just doesn’t bode well for the Beavers. Whatever the point spread is I’m taking Boise St to win and win big. Oregon St is not going to play well if their head isn’t in the game and right now they don’t seem focused.

– Jacob –


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