Michael Vick – The Over Hyped Project

Andy Reid has announced Michael Vick as his starting QB in Philadelphia. Many people are excited to see Vick on the field because he’s so dynamic and explosive. This has been said about Vick his whole career and is the motivating factor that gets people so elicit when he plays. I’ve always had a feeling that Vick was over hyped. Not as a football player, but as a quarterback.

There have been quarterbacks who have been a running threat in the past, but didn’t receive so much hype. One player who jumped out at me was Aaron Brooks, who is actually a cousin of Michael Vick. Both quarterbacks played in the early to mid 2000’s so I figured lets just compare the numbers. Using the years 2003-2006 seemed to be the most fair years to use. They played an almost identical number of total games. One thing to note is that these years were Michael Vick’s best years statistically of his career. Aaron Brooks was at the end of his career and had better number pre-2003.

Games Played 51 53
Passing Yards 7,784 12,448
Rushing Yards 2,793 753
Total Yards 10,577 13,201
Passing Touchdowns 53 65
Rushing Touchdowns 12 8
Total Touchdowns 65 73
Interceptions/Fumbles 41/13 49/36
Sacks 133 134

After looking at the numbers it seems a bit crazy to get all excited about Michael Vick. Sure he runs for a lot of yards, but his lack of passing doesn’t make up for it. I seriously doubt anyone who is excited about Vick this week would have been excited to have Aaron Brooks back in 2005. Philadelphia fans need to realize they are getting an over hyped version of Aaron Brooks. So lets all calm down, take a deep breath and remember Vick was publicized as the next great QB a few years and it didn’t happen.


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  1. Posted by Craftony "The Greek" on September 22, 2010 at 10:26 am

    Well Jake, as usual, I have to disagree. Are you seriously telling us that if you were a coach that had to pick Vick or Brooks you would just flip a coin? No you would be grinning ear to ear as you designed your offense around Vick. The stats you put up are very misleading. Yes they played in a similar number of games in those years, but Vick was not even the starter for ATL in 2003. He only attempted 100 passes the whole season. The most glaring stat that really jumps out to me is how many times Brooks put the ball on the ground. A QB has to take care of the ball. If Vick has truly matured from his incarceration, Andy Reid could mold him into a good to great QB in the NFL. I know, as a Dallas homer whose team is staring 0-3 in the face, you are hoping for some sort of controversy to come out of this in Philly. Truth is if Vick would have played the whole game against Green Bay, they would probably be 2-0. Let me end this by thanking Vick for being the thug he is/was. Without that, he and Bobby Petrino may both still be in Atlanta.


  2. Posted by Josh on September 22, 2010 at 10:30 am

    Well Vick is by far better than Aaron Brooks because he was more of a threat with his legs. He made the RB’s better on the team because lb were forced to respect him, allowing the RB’s to get more yards. Warrick Dunn was on the downside of his career and was successful due to this. Vick was far from the best passing qb in atlanta, but the coaches there Jim Mora, and Greg Knapp who are currrently not coaching were far from great. The reason why Vick is hyped is because he is explosive, can gain first downs and yards on plays that would normally be a sack, and drive defensive coordinators crazy. Its not all about the statistics. its more about the impact of the player on the field.


  3. Posted by Warzecha on September 22, 2010 at 10:59 am

    I have to agree with “The Greek.”

    First of all, I think these guys are two QBs that, if not for the color of their skin, would never be compared to one another. They are different players. Vick is really, for good or bad, one of a kind and cannot be compared to any other NFL QB in any kind of meaningful way.

    Second, dude has a TON of weapons to play with right now in Philly. Way more than he ever had in Atlanta. So, while I think his completion % will still always rest south of 60%, I do think he can be a really good QB this time around.

    All that said, I think Philly is making a mistake by benching possibly the next Aaron Rodgers in Kolb, in favor of an aged felon after giving Kolb less than a half to prove himself against one of the NFL’s best defenses. Vick, conveniently, was able to step into a game of catch up against Green Bay and then got to feast on the Lions. Too quick to pull this trigger in my opinion, but as a Cowboys fan I’m not going to complain.


  4. This post isn’t meant to crown Aaron Brooks as a better QB. The point was to show that Vick is over hyped when you look at his stats. Sure he runs around great and excites people, but at the end of the day his stats are no better then somebody like Aaron Brooks.

    Plus Vick has only won more then 8 games in a season only once.
    In 2004 he went 11-4, which is really great. But not counting that year he is 27-24 as a starter. With the hype he receives you would think he’d be 40-10.


  5. Great Post never really thought about Aaron Brooks having similar numbers as Vick. Still think Vick gives them better chance to win.


    • I agree with you about having a better chance to win. Just kinda puts things in perspective that Vick doesn’t deserve all the hype he receives.

      btw – nice blog


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