Hey Guy, It Is Not Your Helmet. (Brandon Jacobs Helmet Throw)

Many of you probably saw the Colts vs Giants game last night. What you might have missed during the commercial break was Brandon Jacobs throwing his helmet into the stands. Which he claims was an accident. The helmet ended up about 10 rows up and some fan thought he had just caught his next Ebay profit.

Why this guy thought he owned the helmet I have no idea. Just because somebody throws something they own and you go over and pick it up does not mean you now own that item. People get mad, pissed off, frustrated and sometimes they take it out on whatever is in their hand.

Part of me wants to blame baseball. They’ve let people keep foul balls and thrown bats for decades. People forget that these major sporting leagues are letting you keep these items. Just because a guy loses his grip on a baseball bat doesn’t mean its not his anymore.

“Guy in the Colts uniform” who tried to keep the helmet should grow up and act like an adult. Give the helmet back and quit trying to steal from people. Its not your helmet and you can’t just go around picking things up and claiming them as your own. Oh and Brandon Jacobs, put your helmet on and start trying to hit the other team with it instead of throwing it at fans.


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  1. Posted by Warzecha on September 20, 2010 at 12:51 pm

    But possession is 9/10 of the law!!!


  2. I would have kept it. You throw a helmet at me? Good luck getting it back. You don’t mistakenly throw a helmet ten rows into the stand. Sorry equipment manager but you need to get a new one out for Jacobs cause this one is mine. – Andy


  3. Posted by Craftony "The Greek" on September 21, 2010 at 2:02 pm

    I would have caught it with my face and “cashed in!” Catching a helmet thrown in anger in the teeth has to be worth at least a cool mill.


  4. Jacob , I agree 100% with you that just because someone throws something out of anger that you shouldnt be able to pick that item up and claim it as your own. God knows I have thrown my car keys in fits of rage before but I am glad no one picked up the keys and said thanks for my new Sa’ab. But I also have never thrown my keys and hit anyone either. I do say that no the helmet does not belong to the fan but if the fan really wanted the helmet he could do what 99% of the rest of the US would and threaten legal action and I am sure you would be greatly compensated for having such a “traumatic” even thappen to you they would be glad to give you anything not to get lawyers involved. Yes I realise that this was an adult who got it and that I am glad no one was hurt in the incident but I could only imagine what the backlash would have been if that helmet would have hit a child in the front 10 rows. I think the $10,00 fine was a ridiculous slap on the rest in my opinion fine him a whole game check atleast. I know if I was on the clock and got angry at something that happened there and I took off heck even a shoe and threw it across the room I know that a customer wouldnt pick it up and try and keep it they would be looking to get me fired for throwing a shoe at or around them. I am tired of double standards for people who make millions rather than thousands. By the way love the blog keep up the good work.


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