College GameDay Disses Arkansas?

Idaho? Really?

College GameDay announced today they will be taking their big bus to Idaho next week. This got a lot of Arkansas Razorback fans fired up and feeling dissed. Of course you can somewhat see their point. The Razorbacks are undefeated and ranked #10 in the AP poll. They will be hosting the #1 team in the nation and defending national champs Alabama. So when College GameDay decides to go to Idaho where Boise St. is hosting an average Oregon St. team, you can kind of understand why they would get so upset.

Then again I can think of a few reasons why College GameDay would choose Boise St over Arkansas.

  • This is the last chance GameDay could go to Boise St. this year. Oregon State is the last ranked team on the schedule and if Boise St loses a game this year then they automatically become irrelevant. Kind of a now or never type deal.
  • Alabama hosts Florida the next week. Florida is currently ranked #9 in the AP pole just ahead of Arkansas.
  • Alabama/Florida has a bigger national appeal then Arkansas/Alabama. With the Gators’ recent successes and battles with Alabama in big games make their game a more compelling draw.
  • College GameDay has already featured Alabama once this year. They have also featured an SEC school each of the first 3 weeks. (LSU/NC, PennSt/Alabama, Auburn/Clemson)

Still A Chance

Razorback fans could possibly look to host Gameday on October 23rd when Ole Miss comes to town. The added rivalry between Arkansas and Houston Nutt will help. The other two compelling games that week would be LSU/Auburn or Wisconsin/Iowa. If it doesn’t happen that week then the only other chance would be November 27th against LSU. This could be tough with so many rivalry games happening that week and we all know how much GameDay loves USC vs Notre Dame. You never know, maybe Little Rock will get a chance to host their first ever College GameDay. If all else fails then maybe Arkansas will get on College GameDay when they go to Auburn or South Carolina.

Do you think Arkansas got dissed? Or does Boise St. make more sense considering all the factors?


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  1. Posted by Wade on September 19, 2010 at 8:42 pm

    Gameday won’t come for the Ole Miss game…they just lost to Jacksonville State and Vandy. Even if they win out the rest of their schedule they still probably won’t even be ranked.

    If Arkansas beats Bama in Fayettenam, Gameday will be sorry.


  2. Posted by Juan Peluta on September 19, 2010 at 8:55 pm

    Corso can suck it ! Gameday is getting stale anyway.

    I would much rather see Verne Lunquist in a thong than have

    that bunch of flamboyant homosexuals up here on the hill.



  3. Posted by Warzecha on September 19, 2010 at 10:24 pm

    We got hosed. Plain and simple. Too bad Louisville (yes, crappy, pathetic, Louisville) couldn’t have scored one more TD to knock off Oregon State yesterday. That would have solved everyone’s problems.


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  5. Posted by Carl R on September 20, 2010 at 1:23 pm

    ESPN just threw Boise State a bone and as someone who will be at the Bama game, good riddance to Corso and his ridiculous outdated antics. Why distract from two teams that will show there stuff on the field, on CBS by the way, and not in the parking lot before the game. Enjoy the pregame in Boise folks because the game will be a snoozer!!!!!


  6. Also important to remember that GameDay/following game TV ratings are WAAAYYYY lower than CBS 2:30 slot. This actually will be better for us in the long run


    • I’ve been seeing Corso and them doing commercials for the Boise St / Oregon St game and I can’t help but think how it would have been cool to see Arkansas in em instead.


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