I’m Not Buying The Chiefs

After Monday night’s win over the Chargers all the Chiefs fans came out of hiding and started proclaiming “Division Champs“. Okay, sure you beat the team who has won the division the last 4 years. You held the Chargers to only 14 points and won your first Monday Night football game since Britney Spears became famous. So I applaud you for all that, but lets take a step back and remember you’re still the Chiefs. Counting Monday’s game you have 11 total wins in the last 3+ years.

Little Bit of Luck

The Chiefs offense did not look good. Jamaal Charles and Dexter McCluster aren’t breaking 50+ yd touchdowns every game. Plus your other scoring drive started on the Chargers 12 yd line. Sure you get a little credit for making these plays happen, but besides these plays there wasn’t much else going on (197 totals yards).

Thankfully for the Chiefs it rained most of the game and kept the Chargers from standing up straight and catching the ball. Three times the Chargers slipped and missed a catch on their last drive alone. Two of those opportunities would have been touchdowns. Just think if Mathews wouldn’t have fumbled so deep in his own territory Cassel would have never thrown that 2 yd touchdown pass. Then the Chargers can kick a field goal to win on their last drive.

Chargers Start Slow

Its known that the San Diego Chargers typically start the season slow.  You can see how poorly they’ve played at the beginning of the year the last few seasons.

  • 2007 : 1-4
  • 2008 : 3-5
  • 2009 : 3-5

But what do the Chargers always do? End the season strong.

  • 2006 : 10 straight victories
  • 2007 : 6 straight victories
  • 2008 : 4 straight victories
  • 2009 : 11 straight victories

So I’m not buying the Kansas City Chiefs. They looked more like a NFL team then in years past, but a lot of things went their way. The Chargers will rebound like they always do. The Chiefs are still a 6-10 team (8-8 at best) that will come back down from the clouds.

[update: Week 2]
The schedule fairy gave Kansas City a break by giving them the Browns in week 2. Cleveland was one of the few teams the Chiefs could have beat this week. Especially considering Matt Cassel threw for 176 yds and 2 interceptions. The Kansas City defense had a touchdown, which is one more then the offense. Week 3 will knock the Chiefs in the face with a game against the 49ers. Time to come back to reality Kansas City.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Phillip Rivers on September 15, 2010 at 1:32 pm

    I don’t know a single Chiefs fan who is predicting AFC West Champs. Chiefs fans are rational people. We are rebuilding and have a very young team. It’s exciting to watch them play with passion, bit with that comes mistakes. Let’s call them what they are, an up and coming team who should be in position to make a playoff run in 2-3 years.


    • Nice of you to stop by Phillip Rivers.
      I actually had a conversation with a Chiefs fans who predicted they would win the AFC West before they even beat your Chargers (probably 2-3 weeks ago).


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