Peyton Manning Fantasy Owners Should Be Ecstatic

“Peyton Manning fantasy owners should be ecstatic.” – Seems like a pretty obvious statement right? Right now you’re probably still trying to tally up all the points he scored in week 1. Well in my fantasy league he racked up a whopping 52.15 pts.  The most of any player in our league. That is what 40 completions, 433 yards and 3 touchdowns will get you these days.

Those stats may be really awesome, but thats not what has me very excited about having Peyton Manning on my fantasy team. The Colts losing a game is even bigger then Peyton playing well. Even better is the fact that it was a divisional game with the Texans, a team that will be battling for the division lead all year.

Anyone who has drafted Peyton Manning in the past knows two things are always true.

  1. Peyton Manning puts up amazing stats.
  2. The Colts wrap up the division and rest their stars at the end of the year.

The Colts have won their division 6 out of the last 7 years. When it gets to week 15, 16 & 17 all the Peyton owners are freaking out, because they know there is a good chance Peyton won’t play the whole game. It seems this year may be different. Anyone who has Peyton Manning in a fantasy league should be cheering the Texans every week. If the Texans can compete for the division title throughout the year, then Peyton is gonna play. And we all know when Peyton plays, he plays well.


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  1. Well said…and completely true.


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