Upcoming Episodes

We’ll be recording a couple of new episodes in the next day or two. Look for a new series called “Hall of Fame… Or Not?“. Basically we’ll randomly pick out a few players and debate on whether they deserve to be in the Hall of Fame or not. This could be players from any sport, but for our next episode we are going to focus on Barry Larkin and Chipper Jones.

In another episode we are going to debate whether or not teams such as Boise St. & TCU deserve a chance to play for a national championship. Is playing 1-2 BCS schools enough when other schools are playing 8 or more?

Of course we always welcome your opinion.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Well, Barry Larkin went to Michigan. So that answers that.


  2. Is Barry a Hall of Famer? or just Hall of Really Good?


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