College Football Needs Some Madness

It’s Saturday afternoon in late March.  The second round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is on and all I can think about is football season.  More specifically, thinking about how ridiculous the college football bowl system is compared to the NCAA Tournament.  The entire country was captivated by a game between Butler and Murray State.  Butler and Murray State!  Do you think anyone cared about the Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl featuring Bowling Green and Idaho?  Not likely.  I doubt people even cared about a game featuring two BCS schools like the Outback Bowl that had Northwestern and Auburn.  Aside from their respective fan bases of course.  That’s the problem with the BCS system.  The only game you can really get into now is the championship game.  Excluding the USC/Texas game, where Vince Young played like his life was on the line, most of these championship games have been yawners.  As soon as Colt McCoy’s arm was dipped in Novacane (or whatever caused it to go numb) in this year’s Texas/Alabama game, you could’ve flipped it over to Little People, Big World and found better entertainment.  College Football has to get on board with a playoff.  Below I have outlined my proposed playoff structure:

  • 16 teams are eligible for tournament from these conferences – SEC, Big 10, Big 12, Big East, ACC, MWC, WAC, Conference USA and Sun Belt.  Conference champions earn automatic bids
  • 7 “at-large” bids will be given out to schools from any conference listed above
  • Seeds and at-large bids determined by selection committee
  • 1st Round games will be played at these bowls: Alamo, Music City, Insight, Holiday, Champs Sports, Liberty, Gator and Chick-Fil-A
  • Quarterfinal games will be played at these bowls: Capital One, Outback, Cotton and Fiesta
  • Semifinals and the championship game will rotate between these three: Rose, Sugar and Orange.  Every third year one of these bowls will host the national championship game.
  • All other existing bowl games will still take place.  These bowls must make their selections after playoff teams are chosen and must take place during the week after the conference championship games.

Everyone wins in this scenario.  Fans get the playoff, tradition-rich bowls still exist, some bowls will even get a better matchup than in the previous system, TV ratings will spike to an all-time high and mid-major schools have a chance at the championship.

You’re welcome America.


One response to this post.

  1. I totally agree. I created a document about this and it’s really close to what you got. One big difference is I would give the first round as a home game for the better seed.



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