Fantasy Football Stole My Life

There has been something I’ve been trying to come to grips with for years and I guess I should finally come out with it….I’m an addict.  Not addicted to drugs or cigarettes or coffee or collecting small cat figurines. I’m addicted to fantasy football.  I’m sure most guys would say “dude I’m addicted too” or “I love it as well…you’re not the only one”.  I know this but homey understand when I say…I’m addicted.  If at any point during a day you were to say, “hey what are you thinking about?”  I could easily say my fantasy football teams…or Taco Bell (that place is awesome).  I’ve been competing in FF for about nine years now and each year it has gotten worse.  Up until this year, I would have four or five teams a year.  Five teams!  I had so many players to cheer for that I couldn’t keep them all straight.  When you’re at a bar cheering loudly for Rex Grossman, you’ve got a problem.  I’ve been there folks…it’s a low point that you don’t want to reach. There are a lot of sad things that come with this addiction when you think about it.  Here are a few I deal with:

  1. Football Snobbery.  When people are discussing an NFL game, team or player, I usually listen to their comment and think in my head how incredibly wrong they are.  Their comment – “I really like Denver’s defense this week.” When you hear that, you may think that’s a good thought.  When I hear that, I think  (in British accent)– “what a sports peasant…they clearly have no idea.”  What’s wrong with me?  That is actually a good thought…their defense has been really good this year.
  2. The Gladiator Speech.  I may or may not whisper this to my computer screen to pump up my team before the Noon kickoffs – “what we do in life, that goes an eternity.”  Not healthy.
  3. Time & Energy Loss.  If I would spend my time and energy on more productive things besides checking on my teams, I could’ve accomplished more productive life goals like turning my truck into Kit from Knight Rider or finding a way to get Lady Gaga out of the country…permanently.

With all that said, I have scaled it back this year.  Two teams and only one has a financial commitment.  It’s the equivalent of switching to de-caf…I think.  I have to say, despite this admission, that it is something I will never give up.  Why fight it?  My name is Andy and I’m addicted to Fantasy Football.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Stormey on December 5, 2009 at 6:06 am

    Yeah. I’ve experienced #1 – you’re pretty hard core, even in your scaled back days. And I feel you on the Grossman cheering; although, I must point out that it was only for a couple weeks last year during bye weeks on my starters. Cut that dead weight as soon as I could. Whew.


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